Mo Bamba measures longer than Rudy Gobert at NBA Draft Combine

AUSTIN, TX - FEBRUARY 12: Mohamed Bamba
AUSTIN, TX - FEBRUARY 12: Mohamed Bamba /

Rudy Gobert is one of the most intimidating rim protectors in the NBA. Mo Bamba’s combine measurements show he’s even longer than the Jazz center.

People have a lot of different opinions about Mo Bamba as a draft prospect, but there’s one thing that is no longer up for debate — Mo Bamba is long, really long. In fact, he broke Rudy Gobert’s NBA Draft Combine record for the longest wingspan in the event’s history.

The former Texas center checked in with an amazing mark of 7-foot-10. That bested Gobert’s previous mark by a full inch and a half. Bamba also posted a standing reach of 9-foot-7.5 inches. To put that in perspective, the lanky center can simply extend his arms from a standing position and come within 2.5 inches of touching the rim.

These measurements won’t do anything to quell concerns about Bamba’s intensity on the court, but it will raise his draft stock. Rim protection is still a precious commodity in the NBA, the idea that Bamba could eventually do it as well as Gobert is going to be very attractive to quite a few teams.

The rumor that Bamba has been working hard to improve his 3-point stroke. He only shot 27.5 percent in college on limited attempts but his stroke does look intriguing. If Bamba fan find a way to prove to scouts that he’s capable of adding that to his offensive arsenal, his draft stock could skyrocket.

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The NBA Draft is all about projecting what a player can become in the future. Mo Bamba’s Draft Combine measurements will reinforce the notion that he can become a unique NBA big man. The idea that Bamba could learn to protect the rim like Gobert and find a way to stretch defenses with his perimeter jump shot could be enough to land him squarely in the top five of the 2018 NBA Draft.