Jared Rosholt happy to ‘be paid like a professional’ in PFL tournament


Professional Fighters Leauge heavyweight Jared Rosholt opens up about fighter pay and why he chose to join this season of PFL.

The organization formally known as World Series of Fighting (WSOF) is looking to kick off the first-ever regular season of the new Professional Fighters League (PFL). The new format will have fighters competing to make it to a single elimination playoff at the end of the year. The prize for the winners in each of 6 weight classes will be crowned the champions and rewarded with 1 million dollars. The roster includes many former UFC fighters looking to make a run to the finals, among them is heavyweight Jared Rosholt.

“You start finally feeling like a professional when you get into the UFC and now with PFL, you have an opportunity to be paid like a professional.”

Rosholt spent three years fighting in the UFC before joining World Series of Fighting. Now with the change in name and format, Rosholt is ready to receive the kind of fighting experience he never has before.

“It’s just a huge opportunity really,” Rosholt said on Cage Side Submissions podcast. “After fighting going on eight years here, you start finally feeling like a professional when you get into the UFC and now with PFL, you have an opportunity to be paid like a professional. Everybody thinks ‘Oh man, you made it to the UFC you are making great money,’ but its like hey, I got into the UFC making eight thousand to fight, eight thousand to win.

“That’s nothing, by the time you are paying your taxes, and paying your coaches, and paying your manager if you lose, you end up fighting for two or three grand.”

Rosholt fought once for WSOF and once so far for PFL. The million dollar payout at the end of the season has brought many former UFC veterans to try their shot in PFL including, Jake Shields, Eddie Gordon, and Rick Story. Rosholt is happy to have the opportunity for fighters to get paid and get high-level competition outside the UFC and Bellator, something that has been lacking until now.

“One of the great things also about the PFL coming around and their format of doing it is there’s another option for guys,” Rosholt said. “Here’s a chance you can go and make some real money and not just chump change. The UFC needs that kind of competition. I can make as much in PFL in just getting to the tournament and getting through the first round then what I made in all my eight UFC fights combined almost.”

WSOF was not without its negative aspects. There are many who have doubts that the change of name and format will give the new PFL the staying power that it needs to compete with the more established organizations. Whether it is a one and done for PFL or if it carries on for years to come, Rosholt is looking at this season and not looking too far ahead in his fight career.

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“I hope they have a great season, and I hope it goes to the next year and just continues on,” Rosholt explained. “For me, it is what is in front of me at the moment, it’s a great deal, I couldn’t be happier working with those people, they are very respectful. Even if the opportunity came up I’m not sure I would even want to go back to the UFC.”

PFL 1 featuring the heavyweights and featherweights will be held in the Hulu Theater and Madison Square Garden in NYC on Thursday, June 7th. Jared Rosholt takes on Valdrin Istrefi to headline the prelim portion of the event. The event will be shown on Facebook and NBCSN.