25 most insane things people have ever done with the Stanley Cup

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2002 Season: Mark Messier lets the fans touch the cup 1993-94 Stanley Cup Celebration. (Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)

7. Messier hits another club, adds more dents

After Edmonton won their third title in four years in 1987, Messier skipped the Edmonton strip club scene and took the Cup to his hometown bars this time. St. Albert, Alberta (a suburb of Edmonton), is Messier’s hometown.

Messier once again dented the Cup in several spots while allowing others to drink from it at the local watering holes, but it was no problem for the local body shop.

That’s right. Mark Messier, who dented the Stanley Cup at a bar and then brought it to the local auto shop for a quick repair, did it again.

The Stanley Cup and Mark Messier have a better love/hate relationship than Phil Kessel and his hot dogs (I promise that is the last time we reference Phil’s hot dogs). While his relationship with the Cup is somewhat troublesome, he is also one of the greatest players to ever hoist the trophy.

He can have a pass for now. Let’s hope the auto repair shops charged him as much as they do the rest of us every time we bring our vehicles in for something that would seem to be routine. But we’re watching you, Mark.

The Cup is 125 years old. It’s far too old to be out partying until 3:00 a.m. at local strip clubs only to be repaired the next day. If Messier ever gets back into management, we’d advise him to just take the Cup to the pool like everyone else.

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