Look away, Sixers fans, Ben Simmons is dating Kendall Jenner

MIAMI, FL - APRIL 21: Ben Simmons
MIAMI, FL - APRIL 21: Ben Simmons /

Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner are dating. Based on Jenner’s NBA dating history, that’s not good for Simmons and the Sixers.

Philadelphia has had a busy offseason. Joel Embiid is dunking on street ballers, Bryan Colangelo getting dunked on by Twitter users, and Ben Simmons is dating Kendall Jenner.

According to PageSix, Simmons and Jenner have been dating “for a few weeks.” Last week, spectators saw them with a group of friends in Manhattan. This week, they were seen having lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

In case you have yet to panic, Sixers fans, allow me to remind you of Jenner’s NBA dating history.

Chandler Parsons

The two started dating in January 2016. Two months later, he tore his meniscus. He hasn’t been the same player since. He was averaging 16.9 points-per-game in the two months prior to the injury, so it’s not all bad news. Once Parsons became a shell of his former self, Jenner had no choice but to move on.

Jordan Clarkson

Clarkson dated Jenner at the start of the 2016 season and into January 2017. Clarkson averaged 13.7 points-per-game as the back-up point guard. A solid scoring number. However, following the break-up, Clarkson raised his scoring by 1.3 PPG while averaging slightly more assists and rebounds as well. People even thought he could be a Sixth Man candidate. Jenner was so upset by his success, she had him to traded to Cleveland.

Blake Griffin

Being Sixth Man is nice, but Griffin was a bonafide star in the league. He began dating Jenner in August 2017. Griffin, now tasked with leading the Clippers franchise after they pre-retired his number, failed to take the next step. Los Angeles was so disappointed in his play that they traded him to Detroit. If Jenner wanted to be with a disappointing frontcourt player from Detroit, she would have dated Andre Drummond years ago.

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Winning Rookie of the Year is one thing. Breaking the Kendall Kurse is a much tougher task.