5 things we already want to see added to Jurassic World Alive

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Even though Jurassic World Alive has only been out for a day or so in the U.S., we’ve already dreamed up a list of features and content additions we’d like to see in future updates.

If there’s a lesson that Jurassic World Alive can learn from Pokemon GO, the game it’s inevitably being compared to, it’s that an augmented reality title is always going to be a work in progress. What it looks like two years from now should be a far cry from how the game appears at launch, because there will be numerous updates that have a chance to improve and build upon the initial experience.

That said, even though it’s very early days for Jurassic World Alive, it hasn’t stopped us from dreaming about new features and quality of life improvements we’d like to see arrive at some point. We’re sure a few of these might already be on the wish lists for the developers at Ludia, so let’s run five of them down right now.

Jurassic World Alive
Image credit: Ludia (screenshot) /

More battle arenas

One pretty common observation from the early Jurassic World Alive streamers is that the places in which your dinosaurs actually square off against other teams is that they have a tendency to be a little plain. You’ve got a jungle, an exploding volcano and a couple of other locales, and while they look very nice like everything in the game, we’re left wanting a little bit more.

With three movies already in the mythos (we’re going to pretend Jurassic Park III never happened, as you should) and another on the way in June, there’s no lack of cool movie-related locales that could be used as Battle mode backdrops. Who wouldn’t want to battle in the ruins of the Jurassic Park visitor’s center or in the enclosure that held (for a while) Indominus Rex?

Spicing up the scenery behind the combat is something that is probably more work than many mobile gamers would think, but it would still be a welcome addition in an update down the road.