5 things we already want to see added to Jurassic World Alive

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Jurassic World Alive
Image credit: Ludia (screenshot) /

More items, equipment or whatever you want to call it

While the idea of using a dart-shooting drone to collect dinosaur DNA is certainly a cool one and very much of the moment, it’s also the only tool in your disposal at launch. Jurassic World Alive imagines that you are a new member of an organization called the Dinosaur Protection Group (which we’ll also be seeing in Fallen Kingdom very shortly), and it’s hard to believe they don’t have more tech-related goodies to help them in their mission.

So we’d like to see that reflected in the game. It could be something as simple as bait to lure more dinosaurs to spawn in a specific area. Perhaps there could be items that enlarge the target area on dinosaurs or stun them and make them easier to hit with darts. These could be things you find in Supply Drops or have to save up to buy with Cash, but either way, there feels like a real opportunity to outfit players with more equipment and expand the game’s simple but effective mechanics to give them some additional dimensions.