NHL mock draft: How all-time greats fit 2018 needs

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Goalie. . Dominik Hasek. 10. player. 148.

Sure, the Edmonton Oilers need to fix their defense. And they could probably stand to upgrade their core of forwards. But if the Oilers want the guy who would immediately make them a Stanley Cup contender, goaltender Dominik Hasek is the right pick.

Hasek is considered by many to be the best goaltender of all time. He might not have won as many Stanley Cups as Patrick Roy, but then again, he didn’t have great teams around him like Roy did. Hasek spent his best years with the Buffalo Sabres, who relied heavily on him. Had he spent his best years on, say, the Detroit Red Wings, people would likely think much more highly of him.

A franchise goaltender is the most valuable player in the NHL. Franchise goalies can make up for their team’s flaws. No one player available would transform the Oilers like Hasek. Suddenly, Edmonton’s defense isn’t that huge of a concern. With Hasek in goal and Connor McDavid leading the charge up the ice, the Oilers would be able to hang with any team.

The scariest thing about Hasek is his prime probably started later than it should have. He wasn’t a full-time starter until he was 29 years old. Hasek won six Vezina Trophies, the most of any goalie since general managers started voting for the award. He also led the league in save percentage in six consecutive seasons. Hasek’s athleticism in net will never be seen again.