Ninja, Red Bull team for a Fortnite event 99 floors off the ground

Image credit: Red Bull
Image credit: Red Bull /

Ninja is already the face of Fortnite, but he’s going to be hosting one of the more unique events the game has seen so far later this summer.

Yeah, you’ve played Fortnite, tons of it, probably. You’re also very familiar with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, because he goes hand in hand with the world’s hottest video game at the moment. But Red Bull is betting you haven’t seen Ninja host and compete in an overnight Fortnite event from the 99th floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago, because, well, you haven’t.

You will come July 21. That’s when Ninja and Red Bull are teaming for Red Bull Rise Till Dawn, a dusk to dawn Fortnite Battle Royale event that will start at 8:21 p.m. and end at 5:35 a.m. the next morning. Literally dusk to dawn, get it?

A total of 100 two-player teams will compete in the event, earning points for placement at the end of each match and player eliminations. When the sun finally rises on July 22, whichever team has the most points — perhaps taking full advantage of the bonus point they receive for eliminating Ninja and his so far unannounced mystery teammate — will be crowned the champion.

“Competing and streaming Fortnite all night at the most iconic building in Chicago, a city close to my heart, is a dream come true,” Ninja said. “Red Bull Rise Till Dawn will be unlike any other tournament and something people need to see and experience for themselves.”

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Red Bull says spots to compete in Red Bull Rise Till Dawn in person are already gone, having sold out just minutes after they went on sale. However, as you might have guessed, Ninja will be streaming the action on his Twitch channel, to which you likely already subscribe.