Westworld theories: Was William right about Emily being a host?

Credit: Westworld Episode 19 (season 2, episode 9), debut 6/17/18: Katja Herbers.photo: John P. Johnson/HBO
Credit: Westworld Episode 19 (season 2, episode 9), debut 6/17/18: Katja Herbers.photo: John P. Johnson/HBO /

Tell me the truth. Are you real?

Let’s dive right in and discuss one of the most shocking moments from Sunday night’s episode of Westworld.

William is recovering from his gunshot wounds as his daughter, Emily, tends to him, giving him water, and setting up a rescue so he can get some proper medical attention. She knows he’s spending all this time in the park because he’s in pain and he’s trying to outrun his past.

He feels (is) responsible for the suicide death of his wife, Juliet, and is dealing with this darkness that lies inside him. He thought he could keep it hidden deep within, but he can’t. He’s been suspicious of his daughter since he saw her after she fled Raj World.

How could she find him in this enormous world so easily? And not just once, but she found him again after he deserted after making plans to leave with her earlier this season. He thinks his daughter is not real and is a host made by Ford to distract him and throw him off this game.

Emily says she’s not a host, she’s his daughter who is pretending to care about him. She knows about his cloning project that she remembers Uncle Logan talking about. She’s going to use it to expose him for the man that he is. She wanted to take her mother to rehab, but now she’s going to do it with him and figure out what’s really broken inside his mind.

She tells her dad that he’s lost all sense of what’s real and what’s not. He’s convinced himself that his daughter is not real. When the Delos recovery team comes to rescue them and they see the boss out there, he quickly grabs one of their guns and shoots them all dead.

Emily tells him this is not a game and she can prove it.

Before she can prove it, William shoots her dead.

As he peers over her dead body, he sees the profile card in her hand. The one that William received from Ford at the gala, and the one that her mother, Juliet found and saw the contents of what William did at Westworld, leading to her suicide.

Did William kill Emily or was he right in thinking she was a host?

The fun answer would be that she was a host and this was all a game by Ford to mess with William. But I don’t think there is anything funny about this. I think that really was Emily, although her finding her dad twice in this park is a bit of a stretch, we have to suspend belief at times. Or maybe I’m like William, and I’ve lost the sense of what’s real and what’s not?

William’s reaction, however, has me thinking it really was his flesh and blood he killed. This is why he thinks about taking his own life when he puts his gun to his head. He thought about all the pain he caused her, his wife, his family and perfect strangers, and was ready to end it all.

Until he wasn’t and he stopped and performed some surgery where he dug his knife in his forearm, digging for something. What was it? Hopefully, we’ll find out next week.

One thing I can’t stop thinking about. Emily said she received a gift of a dancing ballerina music box from her mother. She threw it away because she stopped dancing years ago but her mother was too drunk to notice. She wanted to get it back from the trash but it had already been emptied. But later the viewer sees her mom put William’s profile card in that music box. Later, when she’s shot, Emily has that card in her hand. So how did she get the card then if she was real?

Maybe William was right all along and his daughter was actually a host created by Ford to throw him off his game.

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