Jalen Ramsey’s trash talk is in midseason form

FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 21: Jalen Ramsey /

Jimmy Garoppolo had a great game against the Jaguars last year, but Jalen Ramsey isn’t impressed. He thinks it was more about scheme than anything else.

The 49ers managed to surprise the Jaguars on the field last year, but Jalen Ramsey doesn’t think it was due to Jimmy Garoppolo’s talent. The Jaguars defensive back thinks, instead, it was just a matter of scheme. He feels like NFL defenses will be much better against Garoppolo this year because of the film available on the San Francisco signal caller.

Ramsey does admit that he thinks Garoppolo will become a “good player” but he scoffs at the notion that he’s already a great quarterback. He, correctly, points out that Garoppolo only started five games in 2017. Anointing him a superstar on such a small sample size is certainly dangerous.

Still, it’s hard to look at Ramsey’s comments as anything other than hurt feelings. The Jaguars were upset by the 49ers late in the season and Garoppolo certainly had a lot to do with that. He accounted for three touchdowns as the San Francisco offense hung 44 points on Ramsey and the Jaguars defense.

Despite that reality, it isn’t Ramsey’s job to compliment opposing quarterbacks. He should do everything he can to get in the head of the opposition. Garoppolo might not be a conference foe, but he could be someone the Jaguars need to beat in a Super Bowl down the line Planting a seed of doubt in his mind now could be a stroke of genius by Ramsey.

It’s also worth noting that the two teams aren’t scheduled to play this season. As such, there really aren’t any repercussions for Ramsey taking his shot at Garoppolo. The quarterback might put up big numbers this season, but it’s not as if the Jaguars defense is going to have an opportunity to be victimized.

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In the end, Jimmy Garoppolo has much bigger things to worry about in 2018. So does Jalen Ramsey. It’s still fun to see the Jaguars defender get his trash talking cranked up early. Ramsey’s already got his words in midseason form.