Colorado Avalanche: 5 burning questions for 2018-19 season

DENVER, CO - MARCH 04: Mikko Rantanen
DENVER, CO - MARCH 04: Mikko Rantanen /
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Every NHL team is facing some looming questions heading into the 2018-19 season, but the Colorado Avalanche, with playoff expectations high, face even more pressure than most.

The 2018-2019 NHL season will be upon us soon. Every team is preparing and trying to put their best team out there. All teams will face some questions as they prepare for the season. The Colorado Avalanche have 5 burning questions that they face before they get the season started.
They certainly have improved the team, but there are still some questions that continue to linger. Here are five burning questions for the Colorado Avalanche.

5. Is the team still too young ?

The Avalanche have a really young team as we saw last season and in the playoffs. They surprised many who doubted them and questioned if they were too young. That question still continues to linger as they approach a whole new season. It’s really about if they are developed enough to make a real run .

They are a very talented team, and being young is not really a bad thing. But will they be ready to face some good teams? Especially in the Central Division where there seems to be a lot of good teams. This team does not really have a lot of experience. At times it was really evident that they lacked experience.

The team needs to be able to handle big games and big moments. This comes with experience and they don’t have it yet. Can they push past it the lack of experience and take the next step. It could be an issue during the season and do they have plan to overcome it.

The team needs more veteran presence. Gabriel Landeskog as team captain has done a good job of being a leader but he is still a young player himself. It’s a question of too much youth on one team. Which is hard to believe that there is such a thing especially in sports.