Fantasy- 32 Teams in 32 Days: The Kansas City Chiefs

Fantasy Football- 32 Teams in 32 Days: The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs boasted one of the most productive fantasy offenses in 2017. They have a chance to fly even higher this year. Most of that potential lies at the feet (in the arm) of second year quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Alex Smith has never been known as a quarterback that racks up stats, but with the KC weapons, and under Andy Reid, he flourished. Smith was a top 3 quarterback in most leagues. This offense is really good at getting the ball in play-makers’ hands and letting them use their speed. And the Chiefs have no lack of playmakers.

That system will create a soft landing for Mahomes. In addition to red blur Tyreek Hill, KC brought in Sammy Watkins to be a consistent intermediate receiver. Between Hill, Watkins, Travis Kelce and running back Kareem Hunt — last year’s rushing leader in his rookie year — this offense should stay red-hot, even with a new name under center. And, by the way, has a potential to be even MORE explosive, depending on what Mahomes ends up being.

I Gotta Get Me One of Those!

Pick one.

Some experts are predicting a dip in Tyreek Hill’s production because of the addition of Watkins. I do not. I think his production could actually be enhanced by having a legit wide receiver opposite of him.

Kareem Hunt burst onto the scene last year, in the biggest way you can. Looking back, Hunt did hit a bit of a rookie wall at the end of the season, so don’t be surprised if a healthy Spencer Ware gets more carries than you’d expect during the first half of the season. Even if he does, I wouldn’t expect it to take much shine off of Hunt and his production.

My main pick for this portion, though, is Travis Kelce. There’s just something about having a top tight end that can make a big difference between winning and losing in your league. A position where there are only probably three or maybe four in the top-tier, if you get one of those guys, it can be a big boost to separate yourself from the other squads. Kelce is one of those dudes for sure.

Buyer Beware

This team is so good fantasy-wise, I don’t even really want to put anybody in this category. Patrick Mahomes COULD fall flat on his face with a resounding thud … I just think that Andy Reid is so good with quarterbacks, and Mahomes has so much talent surrounding him, it’s hard to see him failing.

Stay Woke

I already mentioned Ware could take some carries from Hunt early on. I in no way expect that to be a serious time-share, but Hunt owners should be aware of Ware, and grab him as a solid handcuff in case something should happen to Kareem.

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