Snowfall season 2 episode 4 recap

SNOWFALL -- "Prometheus Rising" -- Season 2, Episode 3 (Airs Thursday, August 2, 10:00 pm ET/PT) -- Pictured: (l-r) Isaiah John as Leon Simmons, Malcolm Mays Kevin Hamilton, Damson Idris as Franklin Saint. CR: Byron Cohen/FX
SNOWFALL -- "Prometheus Rising" -- Season 2, Episode 3 (Airs Thursday, August 2, 10:00 pm ET/PT) -- Pictured: (l-r) Isaiah John as Leon Simmons, Malcolm Mays Kevin Hamilton, Damson Idris as Franklin Saint. CR: Byron Cohen/FX /

Holiday cheer (and deception) are abundant on this episode of Snowfall.

After agreeing to work with Teddy a few weeks ago, Franklin now had to make good. I don’t think Franklin knows who Teddy worked for. And I doubt he would be thrilled to learn it was the government. Teddy got him a fake ID, which kind of humorously said he was 41 years old. They had an official meeting set up, and Franklin was clearly upping the business-like nature of his operation, getting a bank involved and everything.

Up to this point Franklin was apparently operating only in cash — workable sure, but it did make his days a bit more complicated, all that money counting. The meeting was about setting up an off-shore bank account, ostensibly to make the whole thing simpler for both Franklin and Teddy. But Franklin seemed unwilling to cede that much control of his money.

Back at his headquarters, Franklin had a problem. He had lost track of some of the money from the recent transactions. The problem came because it was one of his people who had taken it.

Then another group came back, they claimed that their truck had been ambushed and a fair amount of money stolen, but given what had just happened Franklin wasn’t sure if he should believe them. But he let it go for now.

Teddy and his brother had a nice talk about getting into the holiday spirit, and whether or not spending it with family was important. Teddy wasn’t enthusiastic. But Teddy ran into some sort of serious problem. What it was it remains to be seen.

There was some construction work going on in Teddy’s neighborhood. It could prove compromising for him, in the worst way. He was clearly worried about it, but he must have a plan.

Now, Lucia was enjoying a normal quiet day, decorating her office for the holidays. Unfortunately it could not last. A dark van pulled up outside, and a bunch of officers stormed in, conducting a so-called immigration raid. Lucia claimed to have all of the required paperwork for her workers, but it remains to be seen if it was actually legal. It all may have been smoothed over, if Pedro’s fiancé had not stepped in. She clearly had a bit of a grudge against the immigration workers and was not shy about telling them what she thought about that. Fortunately (I think) the immigration worker was provoked enough to slap Pedro’s fiancé in the face. The others were taken aback enough that the whole group left without looking into any of the people, or the papers, further.

In this episode, Teddy seemed to  be running from crisis to crisis. What happened this time wasn’t made totally clear, but he arrived at his house to find his brother in a bit of a panic. His brother, who remember thought holidays should definitely be spent with family, was about to leave. But Teddy pulled him aside for some apparently immensely important task. All he told him was to be prepared to get very dirty. As we learned later, this was probably a good thing.

After losing so much money to ambushes earlier in the episode, Franklin knew something had to change. Jerome convinced him that it was necessary to give their workers some additional protection, in the form of guns. Jerome actually took the time to give everyone a lesson on gun use and safety which was almost surprisingly thoughtful (but smart.) Good for him.

I think confronting the immigration officer actually made Lucia warm to her brother’s fiancé. She and Gustavo even had some kind of holiday-ish get together with the two of them.

Franklin was still looking out for his business. One of his friends had been bothering him for a while about bringing his girlfriend into the fold. Franklin has not had always denied it because he was reluctant to trust anyone outside his inner circle. He finally caved, probably more out of necessity than anything else, but both his friend and his girlfriend were thrilled.

And something a little darker came out at the party as well. One of the people working for Franklin admitted to him that he had taken some money from one of the trucks. Now, it’s not like he took the money for himself. He claimed he had given it to the family of one of the people who were killed a few episodes ago, as some kind of Christmas present. Franklin was not impressed, but he admitted he was willing to look for some “payback” if they could find any more information about who had actually committed the murders.

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Terry convinced his brother to help dig up their contraband, but didn’t say what exactly it was. That meant that his brother was in for a rude awakening when he realize that what Teddy had hidden was actually two bodies. They must have been in some serious state of decomposition.

The real turn in the episode may have come at the end. Pedro’s fiancé was jogging on a trail when she met up with another man, who she apparently knew. What we learn from this exchange was that her actions during the immigration raid were calculated, to gain Lucia’s trust.

When she was asked what she thought about Lucia, she replied that she “would go down in flames.” Should be interesting.