Tyson Fury defeats Pianeta by UD, but is nowhere near ready for Wilder

Belfast , United Kingdom - 18 August 2018; Tyson Fury, left, in action against Francesco Pianeta during their heavyweight bout at Windsor Park in Belfast. (Photo By Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)
Belfast , United Kingdom - 18 August 2018; Tyson Fury, left, in action against Francesco Pianeta during their heavyweight bout at Windsor Park in Belfast. (Photo By Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile via Getty Images) /

Tyson Fury fought for the second time in 2018. He defeated Francesco Pianeta by unanimous decision but looked unspectacular in the process.

Tyson Fury (27-0, 19 KOs) tacked another victory onto his undefeated record. He easily outworked the lightly regard Francesco Pianeta (35-5-1, 21 KOs). Fury needed this win to advance toward a planned bout with WBC champion Deontay Wilder. The problem is that Fury’s performance did little to instill confidence that he stands a chance against Wilder.

Pianeta took the center of the ring in Round 1 and forced Fury to box. Pianeta didn’t look intimidated and repeatedly charged the taller Fury. To his credit, Fury moved well for a 6-foot-9 man. Fury stayed patient, but Pianeta won the round with his aggression.

Pianeta continued to move forward in the second round. Fury utilized his jab more, which kept Pianeta away for the most part. Pianeta’s work rate slightly slowed, but Fury didn’t land any significant punches. Fury won the round, but not by much.

In the third, Fury’s punches flowed more frequently. He did a much better job of putting together combinations. Pianeta pushed forward but got tied up by Fury. Fury didn’t light Pianeta up, but he looked comfortable for the entirety of the round.

The fourth round looked much like the third. Fury touched Pianeta with jabs and landed some combinations, but nothing that caused damage. He was content with boxing Pianeta. Fury moved around the ring on the outside and engaged Pianeta sporadically. Pianeta tried to get inside Fury, but he lacked the skill to break Fury’s defense.

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Pianeta chased Fury for the first minute of Round 5, but he couldn’t catch him. The fight plodded on anti-climatically. Fury boxed as Pianeta tried to intercept a moving target. Fury easily avoided Pianeta’s offense. The match started to lull the audience to sleep. Fans in the crowd chanted for Fury, but television viewers likely fought off sleep.

Fury tried to pick up his offense in the sixth. He pinned Pianeta against the ropes early in the round and threw several hooks to his body. Fury leaned on Pianeta to wear him down. Pianeta looked tired, but Fury couldn’t capitalize on Pianeta’s fatigue.

The most exciting point of the seventh round came midway through when Fury hit Pianeta with a low blow. Pianeta took several seconds to recover but was ready to continue. Fury increasingly focused on Pianeta’s body. His punches broke through Pianeta’s guard. This was the first round that Pianeta looked hurt.

Fury looked energized in the eighth. His punch count increased, and his conditioning held up well. Fury proceeded to move on his toes and let his hands go. Pianeta took his punches well, but he was a lame duck. Pianeta’s offense ground to a halt. Fury had his way with Pianeta.

In the ninth, Fury boxed in a southpaw stance.  The switch wasn’t necessary and didn’t improve his position. Fury switched his stance in an attempt to showboat and play to the fans. No one was impressed, and the crowd sounded restless.

Fury outboxed Pianeta in the 10th and cruised to a unanimous decision victory, but he looked pedestrian in the process. He was in better shape than when he fought Sefer Seferi in June, but he didn’t look like a world class fighter.

Fury didn’t land a single punch that could damage Pianeta. Pianeta has been knocked out three times in his career, but Fury couldn’t wobble him. If Fury can’t hurt Pianeta, his chances against Wilder look bleak.

Fury and Wilder met in the ring after the fight. Promoter Frank Warren was also in the ring and said that the match is on and details will be released later in the week.

Fury and Wilder each spoke in an attempt to build up their upcoming bout. Fury had the strongest remarks. “One thing I promise when I go to Las Vegas is I’m knocking you the f**k out bro,” said Fury to Wilder.

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Right now, Fury’s words appear to be delusional bravado, but the match is set. We’ll see Tyson Fury face Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas sometime this November or December.