Ranking the Philadelphia Flyers third jerseys from worst to best

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5. Alternate Chrome

Yes, this sweater managed to rank higher on this list than the 50th-anniversary alternate. Considering that the Philadelphia Flyers’ orange and chrome alternate jersey was introduced back in 2002-03, the reality is that it wasn’t a terrible design at the time.

Still, don’t worry, it’s still one of the worst jerseys that Flyers have worn to date…well, maybe it was still better than the original Reebok Edge jerseys, but that’s a story for another time.

Not only did the Flyers make the first ever drastic change to their primary logo, but they were the first NHL team to experiment with chrome-themed logos. Somehow, the NHL decided to experiment with that theme over a decade later for the league’s inaugural Stadium Series games.

Still, it was nice to see the Flyers wear a third jersey again and at home ice. Philadelphia had retired its long-time orange road jersey during the 2000 Stanley Cup Playoffs in favor the team’s first ever black alternate jersey.

This hockey jersey enthusiast believed that the grey/chrome color added to the jerseys striping and borders around the numbers and nameplates was unique in a positive sense. It really made the jerseys pop, especially with the orange used as the base color.

The swoosh yokes down the sleeves of the sweater weren’t terrible, but one has to wonder if there were just a couple of minor modification to this sweater – if it would still be ranked as one of the worst sweaters in Flyers’ history. Even something a simple as having the logo with less of a chrome appearance could have benefitted this jersey.