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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - AUGUST 09: Saquon Barkley #26 of the New York Giants carries the ball as Damarious Randall #23 of the Cleveland Browns defends in the first quarter during their preseason game on August 9,2018 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - AUGUST 09: Saquon Barkley #26 of the New York Giants carries the ball as Damarious Randall #23 of the Cleveland Browns defends in the first quarter during their preseason game on August 9,2018 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Why do you need another DFS site? Because DRAFT combines the excitement of a season-long draft into one set of games!  This article has some targets and pre-draft rankings all set for you to jump into some NFL DRAFT DFS action!

Welcome to the NFL week four edition of NFL DRAFT DFS, covering snake drafts on from FantasyCPR. Every week, I will cover the main slate on DRAFT, omitting the Thursday game from this article. If you draft before Thursday night, there may be a few players not in the rankings to add to your rankings.

If you have read my DRAFT articles for PGA and MLB in the past, this set-up will be nearly identical in terms of breaking it down. I will first go over my targets at each position, and follow that up with rankings. Each target will be followed with their overall ranking. Rosters on DRAFT are 1-QB, 2-RB’s, and 2 WR/TE’s, so just five spots.

Tournament size varies as far as how many participants are in each DRAFT, but this column will be geared towards the cash games. The most popular of these that I play are the $1 6-man’s and $5 10-man’s. Therefore, I will give my top 50 overall rankings after the targets, with 10 quarterbacks, 20 running backs, and 20 wide receivers. That should cover you for your 10-man contests! Before we get to this weeks targets and rankings, let’s check out how last weeks targets fared!

NFL DRAFT DFS Week Three Recap:


For me personally, it was an awful week from a DRAFT perspective. I was overweight on Kirk Cousins and  Stefon Diggs mostly, and I paid for it big time. Also disappointing at the QB position for me, was that I had way more Ben Roethlisberger than my other target Drew Brees.

Roethlisberger wasn’t bad like Cousins was, as he did throw for over 350 yards with three TD’s, but Brees was ridiculous in the Saints overtime win at Atlanta. Brees amassed 40.54 DP, throwing for almost 400 yards and three TD’s. He also added two rushing TD’s to get that incredible total. I hope my suggestion was good enough for some of you to get him, especially since I missed on this one myself.


The running backs I suggested last week were all mediocre at best. All had the potential to go off and have huge games it seemed, but it just never came together. Let’s remember these were all mid-to-late round picks, so as a whole they were not terrible, just not good enough.

Kareem Hunt looked like he was en route to a monster game, as he crossed the goal line for a second touchdown late in the first quarter, but the 49er defense was able to bottle him up the rest of the game for the most part, as he finished with just16.4 DP despite the two early TD’s.

I think we all had higher hopes for Tevin Coleman, who got the opportunity, but did nothing with it against the Saints defense. This week the Falcons play the Bengals who have been terrible to receiving backs in the early goings. Devonta Freeman practiced today, but if he remains out, Coleman remains a viable late round potential steal again this week.

My last RB target was Matt Breida, who looked like he could have done a lot more with more reps. He ended up with 90 yards on just 10 carries, and was able to squeak out 11.7 DP. Despite his good performance, Alfred Morris is still getting carries. Hopefully that changes soon.


Last weeks top target here was Michael Thomas, as I had him projected third overall, and was able to grab plenty of him in my drafts. Out of my three targets, Thomas was clearly the worst, despite a respectable 17.9 DP. He grabbed 10 balls for 129 yards, but failed to find the end zone. 17.9 DP is a great total for a fourth or fifth round pick, but not your top overall pick.

Juju Smith-Schuster was our number two target, as he was going somewhere around the end of the third round in most 10-man drafts. He continued to see double-digit targets, as he caught nine balls for 116 yards. Like Thomas, Juju also did not get in the end zone in this one, and finished with 16.1 DP.

My low projection flyer turned out to be fantastic, and we can expect to see him later on in this article because of it. With a projection below 10, nobody really was on Will Fuller. I will remind all of you again that with Deshaun Watson, Fuller has been incredible over the past two seasons now. He ended up with 101 yards on five catches with one touchdown. The 18.6 DP is exactly what you want out of that last pick!


Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs – (15)

Looking like the early season MVP, Mahomes is garnering attention early in drafts this week. In 10-man’s you can expect him to go late first – early second round in most cases. I have him ranked 15th as you see, so you can bet I am just missing on him for the most part. While I will take him in the second if I am slotted right, it has only happened a handful of times. With just the 14 games on the slate this week, it is looking like a week to make sure you wrap up those running backs early, as they thin out quite a bit at the end of these 10-man’s this week. If Mahomes puts up 30 DP again you are set with a late RB getting you 10-15 DP, but you never know. I am a Mahomes believer for sure, and pairing him with Travis Kelce to me again seems like a winning combo.

Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – (45)

There are a ton of people out there really high on Dalton this week. Yep, I have seen him go in the first round. I think the logic is that people see what Brees did last week in Atlanta and think maybe Dalton can do the same? Ummm.. No. I am going to go ahead and say there is zero chance Dalton puts up a 40-burger. Dalton has some decent weapons, but no Alvin Kamara or Michael Thomas to throw to. With all of this said, I do like Dalton to put up maybe 20-25 DP, but I am NOT taking him unless I have a late last round pick. He has been good this year as well with a four-TD game, and a total of eight on the season. But the Bengals offense could be without star wideout A.J. Green who is questionable. If Green does not go, I would almost stay away from this offense entirely, as Atlanta will be looking for some redemption at home, and the spot really isn’t as great as it looks.


Saquon Barkley – New York Giants – (2)

Barkley has been pretty impressive throughout the first three games of his NFL career. Let’s start by saying he has faced some pretty stout defenses, in the Texans, Cowboys and Jaguars, and has managed to average 19.27 DP thus far. In the Dallas game a couple of weeks ago, we saw Barkley targeted over and over amassing 14 catches, going for 80 yards in the air. I think this game has the makings of being another receiving game for Barkley, as the Giants will be hosting the high-powered Saints. I was kind of surprised when it was all said and done with the rankings, but this one of the top spots on the slates. 10-man’s will get much more competitive as bye weeks come into play, so be prepared.

Carlos Hyde – Cleveland Browns – (27)

I mentioned earlier that the running back position does get pretty thin pretty fast this week, but if you fall into a spot that requires you to grab a WR or QB early, look to Hyde in the third round if possible. The Browns will travel to Oakland to take on the 0-3 Raiders. You almost just feel that as soon as Khalil Mack came out and dominated for the Bears week one, the Raiders and the new Jon Gruden era were already defeated. The team then followed that up by playing like it.

Hyde is maybe sliding a little bit because the Oakland run D was stout last week. However, the Miami offense only attempted 11 runs the entire game. In the first two games, this defense allowed 100 yard games to Todd Gurley and Philip Lindsay, respectively. Let’s not forget Hyde himself has been quietly fantastic thus far, scoring four TD’s already, and averaging over 20 carries a game. I love this spot for Hyde, and on my teams that I may land Micheal Thomas or Patrick Mahomes, I will be looking at him with my third or possibly fourth pick depending on the flow of the draft.

Chris Carson – Seattle Seahawks – (29)

My last potential late round steal this week is Seahawks now feature running back I guess Chris Carson. Carson got the rock 32 times last week in Seattle’s clash with Dallas, and could only muster up 102 yards and one TD for 19.4 DP. The potential for much more was there, but let’s be honest nobody had him last week. My ranking of 29 is probably pretty generous, but I am putting a ton of weight on the running back position this week. In most drafts, Carson can be had with your last pick, as his projection sits at just 9.7.


Mike Evans – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (17)

The only downfall of going RB, RB with your first two picks, is sorting through what is left at the WR position. Much like Carson earlier, this is a spot where my ranking may look a bit high. That’s because it is! With Ryan Fitzpatrick on fire the first two weeks, Evans is also off to a blazing start. He has scored once in every game, and has 30 catches already, averaging 10 per game. Also impressive, is that he is also averaging over 20 DP per game. The match-up will be tough in Chicago, but the Bucs may be playing catch-up in this one. I think Evans will dominate the garbage time in this one, and makes for a great third round pick should he slide in your drafts.

Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs – (22)

After a massively disappointing week one in which Kelce had just one grab for six yards, he seemed to have found his sync with phenom QB Patrick Mahomes. In each of the last of two games, Kelce saw ten targets, and put up over 100 yards in both games. This week, the Monday night contest will feature the Chiefs bringing their 3-0 record in to Denver to face the 2-1 Broncos.

I have seen Kelce go as early as the third round the last few days, and it is usually to owners who draft Mahomes, then miss on Hill. While I endorse having the QB/WR same team combo, it isn’t this necessary. I think a reasonable round slot on Kelce this week is late third / early fourth, but I have also seen him go much later than this as well. The Broncos defense has seemed to have lost a step early this season thus far, and this Chiefs offense looks almost unstoppable up to this point. I have some exposure, but I am not going too crazy here. If he is there in the last round and you need a WR by all means yes draft him!

Will Fuller – Houston Texans – (34)

Here we are again as promised. Not sure if I can make it any clearer. Will Fuller has scored a TD in every single game in which Watson is his QB. After missing week one with injury, Fuller has now had back-to-back 100 yard games and has averaged really close to 20 DP per game in those two. His projection is under ten again, meaning most of your opponents will not even see him. His counterpart DeAndre Hopkins will likely get extra attention as always, which usually leaves Fuller in one-on-one situations. He can beat most teams number two cornerbacks, and should once again be a late round steal. Don’t forget about him!

NFL DRAFT DFS: Week 3 Rankings: Top 50

My rankings are pretty easy to follow. I have ranked the top 50 overall. Following each player is their DRAFT fantasy point projection in parenthesis. Again, we will have the top ten QB’s, 20 RB’s and 20 WR/TE’s and here they are!

1. RB – Alvin Kamara – New Orleans Saints – (22) 

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2. RB – Saquon Barkley – New York Giants – (18.1)

3. RB –  Ezekiel Elliot – Dallas Cowboys – (17.3)

4. WR – Michael Thomas – New Orleans Saints – (17.9)

5. RB – Melvin Gordon – Los Angeles Chargers – (16.3)

6. WR – Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers – (16)

7. RB – David Johnson – Arizona Cardinals – (16.8)

8. WR – Odell Beckham – New York Giants – (14.8)

9. RB – James Conner – Pittsburgh Steelers – (14.6)

10. WR – Keenan Allen – Los Angeles Chargers – (15.2)

11. RB – Giovani Bernard – Cincinnati Bengals – (16.1)

12. WR – DeAndre Hopkins – Houston Texans – (13.6)

13. RB – Tevin Coleman – Atlanta Falcons – (14.1) – (drop if Freeman is active)

14. WR – Tyreek Hill – Kansas City Chiefs – (15.5)

15. QB – Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs – (21.4)

16. QB – Deshaun Watson – Houston Texans – (20.1)

17. WR – Mike Evans – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (13.4)

18. RB – Kareem Hunt – Kansas City Chiefs – (12.3)

19. WR – Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons – (16.4)

20. WR – JuJu Smith-Schuster – Pittsburgh Steelers – (13.5)

21. RB – Matt Breida – San Francisco 49ers – (14.6)

22. TE – Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs – (13.3)

23. TE – Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots – (13.4)

24. RB – Jordan Howard – Chicago Bears – (13.4)

25. RB – Leonard Fournette – Jacksonville Jaguars – (0.0) – (Questionable – Risk)

26. WR – Davante Adams – Green Bay Packers – (13.5)

27. RB – Carlos Hyde – Cleveland Browns – (11.8)

28. WR – Jarvis Landry – Cleveland Browns – (13)

29. RB – Chris Carson – Seattle Seahawks – (9.7)

30. QB – Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – (20.6)

31. QB – Philip Rivers – Los Angeles Chargers – (19.6)

32. WR – AJ Green – Cincinnati Bengals – (12.6)

33. RB – Royce Freeman – Denver Broncos – (11.7)

34. WR – Will Fuller – Houston Texans – (9.2)

35. RB – Marshawn Lynch – Oakland Raiders – (13)

36. WR – Demariyus Thomas – Denver Broncos – (11.6)

37. RB – Lamar Miller – Houston Texans – (10.7)

38. RB – Alex Collins – Baltimore Ravens – (10.8)

39. RB – James White – New England Patriots – (9.9)

40. WR – Golden Tate – Detroit Lions – (12.7)

41. WR – Kenny Golladay – Detroit Lions – (11.9)

42. TE – Zach Ertz – Philadelphia Eagles – (10.9)

43. RB – Dion Lewis – Tennessee Titans – (8.6)

44. QB – Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers – (20.8)

45. QB – Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – (17.5)

46. QB – Tom Brady – New England Patriots – (19.8)

47. QB – Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – (20.2)

48. WR – Randall Cobb – Green Bay Packers – (9.9)

49. QB – Baker Mayfield – Cleveland Browns – (14.5)

50. QB – Ryan Fitzpatrick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (20.1)

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Thanks a bunch for giving this a read, and my plan is to go hard at this article, week in and week out. Any questions for me you can always find me on Twitter. My handle is at the top of the article. Good luck drafting this weekend and happy football Sunday when it finally arrives!