5 NFL teams that must win in Week 4

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4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Speaking of the Buccaneers, they could really use a victory in Week 4. The amount of mystery surrounding the team right now is ridiculous, and a win would go a long way in answering some of their questions. The biggest elephant in the room is obviously in regards to the starting quarterback situation.

Their cornerstone franchise piece, Jameis Winston, just wrapped up three-game suspension and is eligible to play in Week 4. His off-field issues have swayed how some view the talented quarterback and his job is not set in stone. Temporary, or what was thought to be temporary, starter Ryan Fitzpatrick was a revelation in the first two weeks before coming back down to Earth against the Steelers last week.

Had Fitzpatrick put up some stinkers and played poorly, this decision would have been easy to make. However, he has truly done enough to continue starting, and I believe that is the direction the team is leading as well.

A good defense like Chicago’s is a good litmus test for Fitzpatrick to see if he is actually the right fit for Tampa Bay. He benefited from playing some pretty poor defenses in New Orleans and Pittsburgh, but the Bears should be able to give him a challenge. A win, led by Fitzpatrick, should end the debate about who should start, and that would be an ideal scenario for the Buccaneers.