Adelita makes a deal with the devil in Mayans MC episode 7 (Recap)

MAYANS M.C. -- "Cucaracha/K’uruch" -- Season 1, Episode 7 (Airs Tuesday, October 16, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: Carla Baratta as Adelita. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX
MAYANS M.C. -- "Cucaracha/K’uruch" -- Season 1, Episode 7 (Airs Tuesday, October 16, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: Carla Baratta as Adelita. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX /

Episode 7 of Mayans MC brought the first meeting between the two powers at be, the Galindo Cartel and Los Olvidados. Let’s speculate on what it means for the future.

The seventh episode of Mayans MC hit us with some very important meetings. We learned about Adelita’s plan, Coco’s love, the reasoning behind Lincoln Potter’s return. The proverbial s**t is starting to hit the fan, so let’s dive right into the recap.

Adelita was playing the long game and her cards are now all out on the table. The videos, the Christobal kidnapping, the constant nuisance to cartel operations were all a show of strength. Adelita hammered home this point when she met Miguel at the border holding cell.

That’s right. The border sting operation from the last episode was only a means of getting Galindo in a room alone. Once there, Adelita showed Miguel through a series of video surveillance cameras on Galindo operations (and subsequent destruction of those operations) how powerful the rebels are and what kind of damage they could do to the cartel operation.

Her long game: She wants to “point evil in the right direction.” Adelita is not stupid, she knows that taking down the cartel will just mean another drug cartel will move in. If she can work with (read: control) Miguel, she will be able to support her rebels and keep innocents safe. At least, this is what she thinks.

The plan isn’t the worst for Miguel, either. He’s been working on several deals with the mayor in order to cut down on the reliance of drug money to fuel the cartel. He’s educated and calculated and keeping his family safe is his top priority right now, so he takes the deal (kind of).

By taking Christobal in the first place, Adelita proved that she had the means to get just about anything done. Baby Chris is the third party that is going to help build the trust between these two powerful armies. Miguel knows that working with the rebels is in the best interest of his family, which is huge for Adelita and her cause moving forward.

After being reunited with Christobal, Miguel was released. He immediately went home to his family and reunited Christobal with his mother, Emily. The family enjoyed about five minutes of the reunion before the feds came knocking.

EZ’s deal is in jeopardy

We skipped ahead to open with that important meeting so let’s jump back to the first half of the episode. Now that Lincoln Potter has joined the local task force, the deal that was in place between EZ and his cousin Jiminez is in danger.

Jiminez is initially told that he’s no longer working the case because he’s too close to the club and family involved. He obviously doesn’t take this very well, as he knows there will be no way to protect EZ from the outside.

Jiminez immediately warns EZ that there’s a BOLO on him (be on the lookout) and he’s in danger of being exposed if he gets caught. When the MC is about to be pulled over, EZ takes matters into his own hands, leading the cops away from the club.

On the surface, he made it seem as though he was protecting the club from the cops finding the newly acquired guns they were transporting, but in actuality, he was protecting himself after getting the tip from Jiminez. Another smart move by EZ, even if Bishop wasn’t too pleased about it afterward.

Jiminez works his way back onto the task force with a desperation buzzer-beater, telling Lincoln that Galindo was sitting in a cell at the border after being found in possession of heroin from the rebel’s mini-sting operation. It’s enough to earn him Lincoln’s trust and inevitably leads to the episode-ending raid and arrests of Miguel and his men in the Galindo house.

EZ’s deal is safe for the time being, but he and Jiminez are skating on very thin ice with Lincoln in the mix. If the Mayans find out about any of this, EZ is as good as dead.

Coco is off the hook — for now

Coco’s mission to be a better father took a giant leap forward today when he introduced Leticia to the MC. When asked if she was the girl Chucky saw Coco with the other day, Chuck responded with yes, thus confirming that it was not Adelita.

With the eyes shifted off of Coco, the club seems to be curious about some of EZ’s recent actions, including his outburst when the police officers pulled them over. It looks as though he may be the next man under Bishop’s microscope.

After dropping Leti off at his mother’s place, where she was staying, Coco gave Leti some cash and went back to doing club business. Mrs. Cruz immediately confronts Leti about the money, taking it from her and telling her to go earn her own money on the streets.

Leti locks herself in the washroom and beats herself up. She then has Chucky bring her to the club, where she tells Coco that his mother was the one who inflicted the damage. New super-dad Coco is none too pleased, so he goes back to his mother’s house and drowns her. Not ideal, but it didn’t seem like their relationship was all that strong to begin with.

It will be interesting to see how Leti reacts to Coco’s actions. While most might feel remorse for framing her, Leti has been stone cold in the face of death in previous episodes. If she can remain this way with a family member, she’ll be a potentially key addition to the Mayans. No remorse.

Where is Filipe headed?

Filipe was confronted by Adelita in this episode, who was on a tear to address every single person who’s wronged her in the same day. She initially came to kill Filipe, showing him a ripped picture of him and her father in the Mexican DEA. Adelita assumed it was Filipe, her father’s best friend, who ratted him out to the cartel, having her family brutally murdered in from of her as a child.

Before she could get her revenge, Filipe showed her the bigger picture (literally) and explained that what him and her father did was awful. They worked hand in hand with the cartel and performed some terrible acts, none of which he is proud of.

Filipe then shows her a picture of a priest, who was with them in these brutal times. He looks oddly familiar to the priest that Adelita met with after the cartel’s church massacre in episode 5. Safe to say that if it is him, he’s in for a load of trouble the next time the two meet.

After their meeting, Filipe leaves the house, armed with his sawed-off shotgun and pistol. We don’t yet know where he’s going, but he leaves the box of memories out on the kitchen table for EZ to find. Expect much more on this in the next episode.

Things are just starting to unravel for the cartel, EZ, Jiminez and the Mayans. Lincoln Potter has the upper hand on the Galindo cartel, which is not good for anyone involved, but we now know how much power Adelita and her rebels have. Don’t be surprised if she flexes a bit in the next episode, perhaps to the benefit of the cartel.

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