DFS NFL Game by Game Breakdown, Week 8

KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 6:Running back Kareem Hunt #27 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs through a huge hole during the first quarter of the AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium on January 6, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)
KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 6:Running back Kareem Hunt #27 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs through a huge hole during the first quarter of the AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium on January 6, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images) /
KANSAS CITY, MO – JANUARY 6:Running back Kareem Hunt #27 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs through a huge hole during the first quarter of the AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium on January 6, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images) DFS NFL /

We have another smaller, 10 game DFS NFL slate on tap for this week and we’re here to break down the DFS options for the NFL Week 8 schedule!

We have another smaller slate on tap this week but we also have three games with an over/under of 54 points or more. It could be a pretty high scoring week but there are some pretty major values. There’s also plenty that could open up after this article is published so we’ll keep track of all the news that could happen. Let’s dig into who should be on your radar this week!

DFS NFL – Broncos at Chiefs, O/U of 55.0, Chiefs -10

Broncos Defensive Ranks 

QB – 6th, 14.7     RB – 25th, 23.2      WR – 12th, 22.1     TE – 23rd, 7.9   D/ST – 6th, 8.6 PPG 

I really don’t care what the ranks are for the defense that faces the Chiefs at this point. I want at least one entry with them every single week. Patrick Mahomes is leading the charge with this offense, averaging 30.6 DK points a game. Even at his very inflated price tag, that would be a little over 4x value if he has his average game. The Broncos held him to his second lowest fantasy score of the season but there’s two issues with that. The first is that game was in Denver. The second is Mahomes still scored right about 26 DK points so he still smashed 3x return at the current price. It’s difficult to pay up for quarterback and I won’t do it for cash games but I will do it for a GPP.

Now let’s dig into his weapons. Tyreek Hill is the most expensive receiver on the slate but is also capable of breaking the slate every single week. He and Travis Kelce are pacing the Chiefs in targets with 61 and 60. Sammy Watkins is still involved but a bit harder to predict with 40 targets. If I was paying up for one of the two main pass catchers this week, it might be Kelce. He’s almost $2,000 cheaper and he has a great history against Denver.

The biggest bargain of the bunch is probably Kareem Hunt. He’s been on fire lately and if we remove the game from last week against Arizona, Denver has been getting gouged on the ground. Hunt blasted this defense for 121 yards on the ground the first time around and could be in line for another big game here. Hunt might be my favorite Chief overall this week. The jump from the Cardinals pop-gun offense to the Chiefs is going to be massive for this Denver defense.

Cash Options – Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce

GPP Options – Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins

Chiefs Defensive Ranks 

QB – 27th, 21.5     RB – 31st, 25.7     WR – 17th, 23.5    TE – 27th, 10.3    D/ST – 11th, 7.6 PPG

Despite the good matchup on paper, I remain not that interested in the Broncos offense. It all starts with Case Keenum who has been in the single digits on DK three times already this season. As long as Emmanuel Sanders is still on the team for this game, he’s a perfectly fine option. He’s seeing right about nine targets a contest and draws a fine matchup. In addition, it would be a pretty big stunner if the Broncos weren’t chasing points through a lot of this game. Sanders should climb towards double-digit targets in this spot. I want nothing to do with Demaryius Thomas. He might not be a Bronco either by kickoff and if one of these two players are gone, look for Courtland Sutton to be the chalk. The target share is just 13.2 percent but that will change in a hurry if he moves into a starting role. Phillip Lindsay is going to likely be the lead back in this one as Royce Freeman is expected to miss with an ankle injury. I don’t mind the match-up and Lindsay is involved enough in the passing game to be considered, but both he and Devontae Booker have direct pivots off of them that I much prefer this week. Booker himself only saw a 10 percent snap share this past game but the Broncos were up big and they were up early. That’s not going to be the game script to use Booker in. This game should be nearly a perfect inverse. Sanders is really the only Bronco on my radar for cash games this week barring any personnel moves.

Cash Options – Emmanuel Sanders

GPP Options – Demaryius Thomas, Case Keenum, either running back

DFS NFL – Browns at Steelers, O/U of 51.0, Steelers -8

Browns Defensive Ranks 

QB – 8th, 15.4     RB – 24th, 22.2     WR – 24th, 26.8     TE – 15th, 6.9   D/ST – 7th, 8.3 PPG

Much like the Cam Newton rule(which we’ll get to later), I will always play Ben Roethlisberger at home when he’s the sixth most expensive quarterback in some type of lineup. Is it going to be a cash lineup? No, likely not but Large Benjamin is averaging 338 yards per game, two touchdowns to just one pick. He’s also due on of his patented six touchdown games sooner than later so you can bet I’ll have some Ben exposure this week. It’s always going to be tough to decide who to stack him with at this point. Both Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster are averaging right about 11 targets or more per game and JuJu is a nice chunk of change cheaper this week. He also hold a significant advantage in the red zone with 16 targets to just nine for Brown. If Ben goes off, both these receivers should have big days.

James Conner gets at least one more week of a monster workload and has to be considered here. Regardless of how you feel about the talent, the fantasy points have been virtually identical through most of the season at roughly $1,500 cheaper every week, if not more. He’s getting all the touches anyone could ask for and is third on the team in targets. Don’t forget about Vance McDonald either. He’s definitely the fourth option in the passing game but tight end is a slog past the most expensive options on this slate. McDonald is good for at least five targets though you shouldn’t bank on a touchdown. McDonald only has seen two red zone targets all season long. The Steelers defense makes for an interesting GPP option since they could force a couple turnovers and should get to Mayfield a few times. They’re third in the league in sacks and the Browns have given up the most at 31.

Cash Options – Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Conner

GPP Options – Ben Roethlisberger, Vance McDonald, Steelers D/ST

Steelers Defensive Ranks 

QB – 29th, 23.9      RB – 5th, 13.4    WR – 29th, 30.6     TE – 30th, 10.9   D/ST – 15th, 8.2 PPG

The Browns offense sort of came to life this past weekend in Tampa. The final numbers don’t look to great for anyone but Jarvis Landry and we’re down to two pass catching options for Baker Mayfield. The first is Landry, who’s commanding a 30 percent target share and didn’t see his price move that much despite his big game last week. The second remains David Njoku, who caught the other touchdown from Mayfield last week and is still just a hair under 20 percent for targets. Those three elements are in play for cash if for no other reason than the Browns should have to score some points this week to keep up with the Pittsburgh offense. There’s nothing else to trust as Antonio Callaway can’t catch a cold and there’s nothing else in the passing game worth chasing.

What’s really confusing is how a player like Duke Johnson can play 35 snaps in a given game(51 percent) and still see just five touches. That is baffling but he’s not even a tournament play with that type of usage. I’m not to excited to use Nick Chubb in this matchup either. The Steelers don’t allow much on the ground to running backs and I’m not sure how long Cleveland can stick with the running game. The passing elements are about the only playable facets of the Browns.

Cash Options – Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku

GPP Options – Nick Chubb

DFS NFL – Redskins at Giants, O/U of 42.0, Redskins -1.0

Redskins Defensive Ranks 

QB – 21st, 18.7      RB – 7th, 13.9.  WR – 19th, 24.4     TE – 12th, 6.5   D/ST – 18th, 8.0 PPG

Call me crazy, but I think the Redskins could be one of the better D/ST options on this slate. It’s definitely not the best idea to attack an offense with Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley on it but the Giants are fifth in sacks surrendered. Eli Manning should turn over the ball at least once and that could help get you to value. Beckham has a very low price in part because the slate was released before he score 31.2 points on the Monday Night slate and he’ll face off against Josh Norman. Those two players have a history but it’s not something that I would worry about too much. Beckham is dominating targets with over 11 a game and is always worth a shot in GPP.

I’m not really looking towards Barkley on this slate. Washington does give up the third fewest yards on the ground but this has a lot to do with the price tag. I would much prefer to play Hunt in a better matchup with similar upside for $1,700 less. Barkley is always an option no matter what the matchup is but he’s GPP only this week. I typically don’t play any other Giant when Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram are both active. They have to split whatever is leftover after Barkley and Beckham. I don’t fear the Redskins offense but I’m not sure I want to play the Giants D/ST. Alex Smith doesn’t turn the ball over enough to give you a ton of fantasy points.

Cash Options – None, Beckham is the closest

GPP Options – Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham, Giants D/ST

Giants Defensive Ranks 

QB – 18th, 17.8      RB – 20th, 19.3     WR – 13th, 22.6    TE – 9th, 6.1   D/ST – 28th, 3.1 PPG

The Redskins offense is 24th in total yards and 25th in points per game. To say there’s not many players that you should consider would be an understatement. You can look towards Adrian Peterson as this game should stay close enough that he’s still heavily involved. You’ll also have to make sure that Chris Thompson is inactive. He’s not the best option on DK since he’s totally uninvolved in the passing game. Past that, you can’t play anyone else. Alex Smith is barely even giving a floor right now as he’s been under 20 points in every single game so far. A 14 point game from your quarterback is going to be very difficult to overcome. Jordan Reed continues to be too expensive for his production and target share of 18 percent. While the targets are there, nothing else has been for Reed and the Redskins only average 32 pass attempts a game. It’s just not a good offense and there’s a very good reason this game has the lowest over/under on the slate.

Cash Options – Adrian Peterson

GPP Options – None

DETROIT, MI – SEPTEMBER 23: Kerryon Johnson #33 of the Detroit Lions runs against the New England Patriots during the second half at Ford Field on September 23, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

DFS NFL – Seahawks at Lions, O/U of 49.5, Lions -3.0

Seahawks Defensive Ranks 

QB – 1st, 12.3       RB – 14th, 17.1     WR – 11th, 22.1    TE – 2nd, 4.8    D/ST – 10th, 9.0 PPG

Last week was a very interesting game for the Lions. They only needed Matthew Stafford to throw the ball 22 times which is a pretty significant shift in this offense. It’s always been Stafford and everyone else and I’m not sure how to gauge it. Is it a matter of they were up on the scoreboard and just rode the running game? It seems like the way to lean since the Lions do average 36 passes a game. Stafford is absurdly cheap and does offer a somewhat of a floor. He’s cheap enough to consider if nothing else.

Seattle has been a lot tougher against receivers than we may have thought at the start of the season. Golden Tate is still the leading receiver in targets and can I interest anyone in some #Revenge? It doesn’t seem like there has been the best feelings between Tate and the Seahawks. He’s going to want to show up in this spot and prove the Seahawks would be better with him. The red zone usage is still in the favor of Marvin Jones and he and Kenny Golladay are just six targets apart on the season. Golladay has been far more productive but Jones is right there to have a big game any given week.

I’m very torn on whether I want to go right back to Kerryon Johnson or not. Part of me says yes because he’s very talented, had a monster game and finally got close to a 60 percent snap share. The main issue holding me back is the goal line. The red zone usage was very encouraging for Johnson with seven chances this past week. However, we all know LeGarrette Blount is going to get the goal line work. Johnson is right on the fringe of cash.

Cash Options – Matthew Stafford, Golden Tate

GPP Options – Kerryon Johnson, Marvin Jones/Kenny Golladay

Lions Defensive Ranks 

QB – 15th, 17.1      RB – 29th, 24.6.   WR – 10th, 22.0     TE – 22nd, 7.9   D/ST – 26th, 6.3 PPG

I’m ready to go right back to the well with Chris Carson, despite the mediocre game in Week 6. He did have a touchdown called back due to penalty and would have been fine with that score. I will admit it’s an imperfect situation since Carson is splitting work with Mike Davis and now apparently Rashaad Penny yet again. They’re all between 20 and 42 percent of the snaps so it’s going to be a little tough. The reasoning is the Lions can’t defend the run at all. They’re giving up the third most yards on the ground even after some success against the Dolphins and the Seahawks are back to smash mouth football. Seattle is running the ball 30 times a game so even with the split, Carson can still pay off.

The passing game is something that I really want no part of. First, the weapons aren’t the greatest. Doug Baldwin has exactly one game of double-digit production. That did come last week and maybe his knee is finally close to being right but the Lions have a secondary that I’m not that excited to tangle with. Tyler Lockett has slowly dropped in targets as Baldwin has gotten back to form and the passing game isn’t being utilized enough to routinely support two receivers. Russell Wilson isn’t running to prop up his scoring in a low-volume passing attack, despite his great price.

Cash Options – Chris Carson

GPP Options – Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, Mike Davis

DFS NFL – Buccaneers at Bengals, O/U of 54.0, Bengals – 4.5

Buccaneers Defensive Ranks 

QB – 32nd, 27.2     RB – 21st, 21.2     WR – 30th, 30.6     TE – 32nd, 12.9  D/ST – 27th, 3.8 PPG

It’s kind of crazy to see a game with a 54 O/U be just the third highest on the slate but that’s where we are. The Bengals are in a dynamite bounce back spot here after most of their players had a dud game in Kansas City. This one isn’t on primetime so Andy Dalton should be ready to roll. It’s a glorious matchup but being ranked above Ben Roethlisberger is messing with my head. The Bucs can’t stop any facet of the offense but they have gotten demolished by slot receivers and tight ends. The good news is that puts Tyler Boyd and C.J. Uzomah are well within play this week.

The bad news is Boyd isn’t going to come cheap at $6,700. Tampa has also given up nine touchdowns to slot receivers so Boyd is on high alert to find the end zone. Uzomah is likely the chalkiest tight end in cash games but he deserves to be. He’s had at least 40 yards or a touchdown the past two weeks and the matchup doesn’t get any better. Even in a total blowout, Joe Mixon saw 16 touches. Seeing anything close to that workload(he will) puts him right in the conversation as my favorite second running back behind the fantasy cheat code, Todd Gurley. Oh, A.J. Green plays for the Bengals as well and is pretty much locked into 10 targets a game.

Cash Options – Joe Mixon, A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd, C.J. Uzomah

GPP Options – Andy Dalton(price point the only reason)

Bengals Defensive Ranks 

QB – 28th, 22.5      RB – 28th, 24.1     WR – 20th, 24.5     TE – 28th, 10.7   D/ST – 21st, 6.0 PPG

The Buccaneers have a lot of options in their offense. Even in the running game, the split between Peyton Barber and Ronald Jones isn’t the easiest to figure out. They both got under 40 percent of the snaps and even Jacquizz Rodgers worked into the rotation. He only touched the ball four times but played basically the same amount of snaps. Jones was the player who saw four red zone opportunities but I’d rather not try to figure that out if I don’t have too.

The passing game is another puzzle to try to sift through and I really wish Adam Humphries wasn’t a part of this offense. He sucks up 12 percent of the targets and does basically nothing of value. The pricing is all the same as it had been with Mike Evans leading and Chris Godwin in the middle with DeSean Jackson in the middle. Godwin is still my preferred target to pair with elite running backs since he’s the cheapest, barely has the second most targets overall and leads the team in red zone targets. It’s not like the Tampa offense won’t have to score points anytime soon so the passing game seems to be the best way to get exposure to this game.

Cash Options – Jameis Winston, Chris Godwin

GPP Options – Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, Ronald Jones for touchdown upside

DFS NFL – Jets at Bears, O/U of 45.5, Bears -7

Jets Defensive Ranks 

QB – 17th, 17.4      RB – 18th, 18.5    WR – 26th, 28.1     TE – 13th, 6.7  D/ST – 4th, 9.0 PPG 

We’ve hit the point where I’m not going to pay for Mitchell Trubisky this week. The price really isn’t bad considering the fact that he’s eclipsed 30 DK points for three straight games but the issue comes in because of who’s priced right around him. There’s at least five other players that I would prefer that are cheaper or within $300 more expensive. I’m really not sure what receiver to try to pair with him. I honestly think the best route to take is to play him and Tarik Cohen together. Cohen plays running back by name and position but he’s seen 21 targets since the bye week. That’s translated 15 receptions, 159 yards an a touchdown. That doesn’t even account for whatever he does with his rushing attempts so Cohen is still a great way to get a piece of the Bears offense. Even if you dan’t want to play Cohen, I have no interest in Jordan Howard with his current role in the offense.

Playing Allen Robinson is shaky at best after his terrible game and he’s been injured as well. Taylor Gabriel also laid a big egg but is still a reasonable price and still owns an 18.5 market share of the targets. The Jets have not defended receivers well at all this year but it’s hard to feel great about the Chicago pass catchers. Trubisky being inconsistent at best as an NFL passer is the real root of the problem. Trey Burton is coming off a monster game but last week was the first time all season he’s drawn more than five targets. It would be a leap of faith to expect the same type of game in this one.

Cash Options – Mitchell Trubisky, Tarik Cohen, Bears D/ST

GPP Options – Trey Burton, Taylor Gabriel, Allen Robinson

Bears Defensive Ranks 

QB – 16th, 17.3     RB – 4th, 13.3     WR – 25th, 26.8     TE – 20th, 7.8  D/ST – 2nd, 11.0 PPG

I likely won’t have any shares of the Jets offense at all. There is one element that could change that and it’s the health of Bilal Powell. If Powell misses this game, you can at least Isaiah Crowell at his price tag. It’s a terrible matchup and I’m not sure Crowell is that good of a back in a rough offense. However, a reasonable potential for 20 touches at $3,700 on DK is reason enough to have him on the radar. Elijah McGuire can’t come back until Week 9 at the earliest so Crowell would have the backfield totally to himself. The other total punt play I might consider is Chris Herndon at tight end. The snaps aren’t much to go on as they’re under 40 percent the past two weeks but Herndon is doing a lot with the time he’s on the field. He’s scored in both games, has seen a total of nine targets and saw two red zone targets last week. It’s far from a certainty and most people would have a bad taste from a Jet after Jermaine Kearse ghosted on them. I don’t trust Sam Darnold on the road against what has been a good defense, nor any receiving option.

Cash Options – Isaiah Crowell is Bilal Powell is out

GPP Options – Chris Herndon

PITTSBURGH, PA – SEPTEMBER 30: John Brown #13 of the Baltimore Ravens makes a catch for a 33 yard touchdown in the first quarter during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on September 30, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

DFS NFL – Ravens at Panthers, O/U of 43.0, Ravens -2

Ravens Defensive Ranks 

QB – 2nd, 13.3      RB – 1st, 11.0      WR – 7th, 20.9     TE – 10th, 6.3    D/ST – 5th, 9.0 PPG 

This game is likely to be pretty short and sweet. Vegas expects a defensive struggle and this game has an over/under 14 points lower than the number one on the slate. Despite a terrible matchup, I’ll play Cam Newton in a GPP or two. Why, you might ask? Because anytime Cam Newton is under $6,000 on DraftKings, you have to play him at least once. His floor/ceiling combo is too great to ignore at that price tag. This is definitely a spot where I would not stack Newton and just hope he has one of his monster games rushing. Devin Funchess is a solid receiver but in a bad matchup with only around eight targets a game in an average passing game doesn’t do a lot for me. You can’t possibly feel good about Greg Olsen with a grand total of six receptions for 53 yards in two games. He got bailed out last week by a very late one-yard touchdown. That’s not what you want to rely on. Christian McCaffrey has been quiet the past couple of weeks and this isn’t the spot where that is likely to correct itself. Baltimore has only allowed 25 receptions for 133 yards from running backs all season to go along with the seventh fewest yards on the ground.

Cash Options – None

GPP Options – Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, Devin Funchess

Panthers Defensive Ranks

QB – 19th, 17.9   RB – 19th, 15.3  WR – 14th, 22.6     TE – 31st, 12.3    D/ST – 20th, 7.5 PPG

The Ravens offense isn’t too hard to breakdown who we want either. For me, it’s basically John Brown and not much else. I don’t want to play Joe Flacco on the road in a neutral matchup with the amount of other options at my disposal. Brown has fallen further behind Michael Crabtree in raw targets but he’s averaging about four more points a game due to his role in the offense. Brown is second among receivers with at least 15 targets in aDOT at 18.8. He’s coming off a huge game and his price really didn’t rise high enough to not be considered this week. The rest of the passing game can be left to the side in this one considering the tight ends are just eating each other’s production. Carolina allows the sixth fewest points to running backs and the seventh fewest yards rushing per game so Alex Collins doesn’t catch my eye that much this week.

Cash Options – John Brown

GPP Options – Baltimore D/ST

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – SEPTEMBER 25: Andrew Luck #12 of the Indianapolis Colts throws the ball during the game against the San Diego Chargers at Lucas Oil Stadium on September 25, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

DFS NFL – Colts at Raiders, O/U of 50.0, Colts -3.0

Colts Defensive Ranks 

QB – 14th, 16.6      RB – 17th, 18.5    W R – 8th, 21.7     TE – 19th, 7.8   D/ST – 12th, 7.6 PPG

The Raiders offense is basically a shambles right now with the trade of Amari Cooper and the loss of Marshawn Lynch to the IR.  That opens up opportunities for Jordy Nelson, Jared Cook, Jalen Richard and even Doug Martin. I’m not going to play Martin for basically any reason but he should be in line for double-digit touches. I would prefer Richard since he has a much higher upside if you needed a cheap running back. As far as the passing game goes, Nelson and Cook should be in line for at least two or three more targets a game each and they’re both $5,000 or under. The Colts are a neutral matchup and all of these players are cash viable due to the mix of price and predicted volume. Martin would need to drop into the end zone to have a lot of value based off his production so far this year. Oakland isn’t the sexiest options but they should have opportunity in a game that is projected to be high scoring. It’s a little hard to narrow down what the exact targets will look like until we see it without Cooper.

Cash Options – Jordy Nelson, Jared Cook

GPP Options – Derek Carr, Jalen Richard, Doug Martin

Raiders Defensive Ranks 

QB – 22nd, 18.8      RB – 26th, 23.3     WR – 28th, 29.6     TE – 11th, 6.4   D/ST – 29th, 3.5 PPG 

I think you could make an argument to play a title stack of Colts in Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton and Marlon Mack this week and have a big game from all three. Oakland gives up the sixth most yards rushing in football and Mack continues to pick up steam with 56 percent snap percentage. That’s perfectly fine when a back is getting 15+ touches on what should be a weekly basis. Hilton came out of this game with no setbacks to his injuries by all reports so he should be in line for more than 53 percent of the snaps he played this past week. Hilton also has eight targets so far in the red zone which is a fantastic sign for him. Has there ever been less buzz about a quarterback coming off a four touchdown game than Luck has right now? Nobody is talking about him and he’s sitting here, just two passing touchdowns behind Patrick Mahomes for the league lead. Luck is a fantastic play this week just like every other week. It seemed that Eric Ebron wasn’t 100 percent last week because he dropped to 50 percent of the snaps. That was a steep decline for him based off the past few weeks of production and he’s a solid option if you’d rather not pay for Hilton.

Cash Options – Andrew Luck, Marlon Mack

GPP Options – T.Y. Hilton, Eric Ebron

SANTA CLARA, CA – OCTOBER 21: Raheem Mostert #31 of the San Francisco 49ers rushes with the ball against Cory Littleton #58 of the Los Angeles Rams during their NFL game at Levi’s Stadium on October 21, 2018 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

DFS NFL – 49ers at Cardinals, No Line

49ers Defensive Ranks 

QB – 25th, 21.1      RB – 23rd, 21.9     WR – 23rd, 26.5     TE – 25th, 8.6    D/ST – 31st, 2.4 PPG

The Cardinals have banished Mike McCoy from this offense and we’ll get the debut of Byron Leftwich as the offensive coordinator. He can’t be worse than McCoy so maybe there is hope for David Johnson this upcoming week. He’s also at a price that some people won’t be willing to pay since players like Joe Mixon, James Conner, Kareem Hunt and others are right in the same range. He’s a solid GPP options since he’s guaranteed so many touches every single time out. We just have to hope Leftwich doesn’t jam him into the middle of the line like he has been.

I’m not buying the Larry Fitzgerald touchdown because without it, he suffered through another game of just four receptions for 40 yards. There’s no real reason to play him but Christian Kirk is interesting. Richard Sherman might be out again for San Francisco and the rookie duo of Kirk and quarterback Josh Rosen are creating a little chemistry. Kirk has averaged 10.3 points on DK so far and he did torch the 49ers in the last meeting. Fitzgerald has only seen six more targets than Kirk has all season long.

Cash Options – None

GPP Options – Christian Kirk, David Johnson, Cardinals D/ST

Cardinals Defensive Ranks 

QB – 3rd, 14.1    32nd – 29.2   WR – 6th, 20.7     TE – 8th, 5.6     D/ST – 9th, 8.1 PPG 

The health of this backfield is going to be what carries the day for who we play from the 49ers. Personally, I will have some shares of Raheem Mostert regardless of whether Matt Breida plays or not. The Cardinals defense has been obliterated by opposing running backs and have given up the most yards rushing and most touchdowns to backs in the NFL. You can’t feel good about playing Breida as he has gotten banged up seemingly every other snap this year. The passing game isn’t a primary target for me but C.J. Beathard is better than he showed last week. It’s not his fault Aaron Donald wrecked the entire game for the 49ers. Marquise Goodwin came back to Earth after a big game in Green Bay and I think the only way I’d be interested is if Patrick Peterson is indeed traded. George Kittle is the most targeted player on the team but is a better seasonal play than DFS this week.

Cash Options – C.J. Beathard, Raheem Mostert, especially if Breida is out

GPP Options – Marquise Goodwin, George Kittle

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 27: Quarterback Jared Goff #16 of the Los Angeles Rams rolls out of the pocket to throw a touchdown pass to take a 21-17 lead in the second quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on September 27, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

DFS NFL – Packers at Rams, O/U of 57.0, Rams -9.0

Packers Defensive Ranks 

QB – 13th, 16.6       RB – 15th, 17.5     WR – 21st, 25.2     TE – 7th, 5.6    D/ST – 14th, 8.2 PPG 

Now, the main event of the day! The over/under is the highest on the slate and both offenses are incredible options this week. I think this could be a week that the Rams need a little more out of Jared Goff than normal and he could be an excellent GPP option. The reason he’s not cash is because Todd Gurley could easily run in four touchdowns and swipe all of the points from Goff. Gurley’s price still didn’t move so lock him in and keep rolling.

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What is interesting is the receiving corps. Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks are both over 20 percent with Woods leading the team. Cooper Kupp is where things get a little interesting. If we know he’s healthy and ready to roll, $6,000 on DraftKings is a great play. It’s the cheapest way to get a piece of the Rams offense and he leads the receivers in red zone targets with 13. All the players are dwarfed by the incredible 56 opportunities for Gurley. Everyone can join in the fun from the Rams!

Cash Options – All healthy skill players

GPP Options – Jared Goff, Cooper Kupp depending on health

Rams Defensive Ranks 

QB – 5th, 14.6     RB – 8th, 14.7     WR – 15th, 22.8     TE – 24th, 7.9    D/ST – 1st, 10.6 PPG 

It’s a little more condensed for the Packers. The running game is not playable right now because they all continue to split work basically to a 33 percent share. Aaron Jones is clearly the best, but coach Mike McCarthy insists on using them all. I’m steering clear until we get any type of clarity.

The passing game is what we want to take a look at. Aaron Rodgers is a huge underdog and should have to throw a ton in this one. He’s also under $6,500 and the QB2 on DK so he’s a very attractive option. I’m also very interested in Davante Adams because he is tied for second in red zone targets, trailing only JuJu Smith-Schuster from Pittsburgh. Adams might not be as popular as he should be with the receivers on the board around him and if you don’t want to pay for him, Geronimo Allison is a solid way to get into this game. Before his injury, he racked up at least 64 yards in every single contest. The floor is safe and the ceiling could be high in this game. I’d rather not play Jimmy Graham if the packers are getting healthy in the receiving corps. The targets would likely go away if they are closer to full strength.

Cash Options – Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams

GPP Options – Geronimo Allison, Jimmy Graham

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