WWE Evolution 2018 review: What we learned, takeaways, future projections

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Photo credit: Official WWE Twitter account
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Battle Royal (winner receives a future Women’s Championship opportunity)

What we learned: Obviously, we learned here that Nia Jax now has the opportunity to challenge for the RAW Women’s Championship in the future.

I really loved the start of this match. The IIconics (seriously, just drop one of those I’s) came to the ring talking trash and were immediately eliminated by the past superstars, who then turned around to see this generation of stars staring them down. Very cool moment there.

As battle royals go, this was just fine. A regular battle royal doesn’t have the type of drama that a Royal Rumble has but this was fun enough. And having some of the legends in the ring made it better. Seriously, did you ever think you would see Nia Jax drop Alundra Blayze out of a wrestling ring? And speaking of Nia Jax, how cool was the action between her and Tamina? That’s a lot of lineage right there, and the tribute to Roman Reigns was fantastic.

There were some fun eliminations throughout the match, including Mandy Rose tossing Sonya Deville. The majority of the past superstars went out early, which isn’t shocking. Michelle McCool had a nice run before being eliminated by Ember Moon, and WWE Hall of Famer Ivory got herself into the final five before being taken out by Asuka, who then turned her attention to Ember Moon, renewing their amazing rivalry from NXT.

Moon threw out Asuka, leaving herself, Tamina and Nia Jax as the final three … or so we thought. After Moon eliminated Tamina, she and Nia battled for a few minutes and were attempting to eliminate one another but were nearly both thrown out by Zelina Vega, who had been hiding (nobody still cares). Nia made quick work of Vega and then finally threw out Ember to claim the victory.

What’s next: It’s now just a waiting game. Nia Jax says she won’t wait long to take her shot at the title. A rematch of Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series could be fun.