WWE NXT UK recap for March 27, 2019: Fighting logistics unleashed

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4. Mark Andrews and Noam Dar will return

After kicking him in the head a couple of weeks ago, Mark Andrews finally steps into the ring with Noam Dar. It sucks that this match ended the way it did, for obvious reasons, but also because the unfortunate conclusion will overshadow what was really a great match until that point.

Just look at him slide. There’s a great deal of back-and-forth action, with neither competitor gaining too much of an upper hand. Adding to the fun, the crowd is super into the match, culminating in a “This is ahhhhhhhsome” chant in their collective best impression of Dar’s accent.

Things start to go awry when the action spills outside. Andrews had been selling his knee a bit, but appeared to legitimately injure it when Dar flipped him into the steps and the knee smashed against the ring post. When they get back into the ring, Andrews tries to do a moonsault off the turnbuckle, but can’t plant properly, and has to bounce off the ropes instead. It’s a cool-looking workaround, but Andrews doesn’t quite stick the landing, and his knee gets smashed again, this time into the mat.

Dar’s injury — and the stoppage of the match — occurs when Andrews goes for a reverse hurricanrana, but slips off Dar’s shoulders, flips over backwards and inadvertently takes out Dar’s left knee. Basically, he chop-blocks him. The referee calls the match shortly after, and both men end up being stretchered out of the building.

The official word from WWE as of now, is that both suffered sprains and possible ligament damage. This is extremely disappointing for Dar, who had only just recently come back from a meniscus injury to the same knee. Obviously, we wish both wrestlers a speedy recovery, least of all because that match needs to get the finish it deserves.