NFL Draft 2019: Records worth watching this year

May 8, 2014: Final preparations are made prior to the start of the first round of the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, NY. (Photo by Rich Kane/Icon SMI/Corbis via Getty Images)
May 8, 2014: Final preparations are made prior to the start of the first round of the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, NY. (Photo by Rich Kane/Icon SMI/Corbis via Getty Images) /
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Each year in the NFL Draft, history is made. Here we take a look at what records could (or will not) be broken in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

The first NFL Draft was completed in 1936. Since that time, each year NFL teams have gathered to select the next stable of athletes. In most years, we see one or more historical records get bested by the new group.

This year, when the NFL descends on Nashville for its 84th iteration of the selection show, will we once again see history made?

Let’s take a look. First-round records that should be put on notice in 2019…

14 – The record for number of consecutive years for a college to have a first-round draft pick. (Miami, 1995-2008).

So this one is a bit early, because the real answer is that we’re not there yet. But, after 2019, Alabama will have 11 consecutive drafts with a player taken in the first round. Next year, we all know Tua is a first-round choice. It is difficult to envision a world where this record isn’t tied by the Tide in the 2022 draft, and broken in 2023. So – Hurricanes, be on notice.

19 – Record for the most number of defensive players taken in the first round (2006)

The talent and depth of this defensive class, particularly the defensive line/edge rusher class, has been written about in volumes. The Draft Network ranks 19 defensive players among the top 32 prospects in the draft. And, would any of us really be surprised to see four of five of their next 10 defensive players also go in the first round?

8 – Record for the most underclassmen taken in the top 10 (2011, 2012, 2016)

Using the same Draft Network rankings for argument’s sake – 12 of their top 13 prospects are underclassman. When also considering that the top two quarterbacks in the draft class  are also underclassman,  it is highly possible, if not likely, that 2019 will see a record nine underclassmen taken in the top 10 – with Kentucky edge rusher Josh Allen be an all-but-certain exception.

12 – Record for the most defensive linemen taken in round 1 (2011 and 2012)

15 of the top 45 prospects in the draft are defensive linemen (still using The Draft Network). Daniel Jeremiah also places 14 in his top 45. There is consistency across the rankings demonstrating a deep and talented draft class of linemen. This would be a fascinating gamble to take if the over-under was set at 12.

4 – Record for the most first round picks in a single year (Jets, 2000)

It’s incredible that the Jets had four first round picks in 2000, arguably hit on all of them, and still weren’t very good (Shaun Ellis, John Abraham, Chad Pennington, Anthony Becht).

The easiest scenario in 2019 would be for the Raiders to pick up an additional first, since they already have three. They could trade out of the four spot with a team like the Packers, who could give up their two first-round picks (12 and 30) to get in to the No. 4 spot and get an impact pass rusher.

The more likely scenario would be for a team to make multiple trades down to accumulate the additional capital.

81 – Record for the most first-round picks by school (USC)

Ohio State sits at 79, and seems primed to at least tie this record this year, with Nick Bosa and Dwayne Haskins both virtual locks to go in the first round. Additionally, no Trojans are pegged to sniff the top 32. There is also an outside shot that we could see the Ohio State overtake the one spot – as Buckeye Dre’mont Jones seems to have an outside shot at making the top 32.