5 Superstars that need to move in WWE Shake-Up

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Roman Reigns to SmackDown Live

Monday Night Raw is traditionally the flagship show of the WWE, but with Fox paying big bills to bring the blue brand to broadcast the landscape may be changing. Fox is going to want some serious star power when they launch SmackDown on Friday nights beginning in October, and they’re going to require some of WWE’s most significant Superstars — Superstars like “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns.

The time couldn’t be better to move Reigns to SmackDown, as he, for the first time in a long time, doesn’t seem predetermined. He seems like a character that could just as easily be vulnerable as he is strong and appears more like a real person than he ever had before, albeit for the absolute worst of reasons. Reigns, the character, appears to have been given a fresh creative start since his return, and where better to solidify a new start than on a new show.

Reigns is one of the biggest draws in WWE, and Fox would absolutely love to have him anchor its Friday night broadcast. WWE creative has a new beginning to work from with Reigns, and a new relationship with Fox may change how SmackDown looks going forward. Why not move the former Universal Champion during the Shake-Up, a time when, historically, new beginnings take place?

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It may be unprecedented to move a star like Reigns away from Raw during his peak, but hey, it’s the Shake-Up. Anything can happen.