6 memorable moments of Dean Ambrose’s WWE career

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4. Chronicle

With the vast amount of content they have stored in their library, the WWE Network has been setting precedents as a streaming service. Their original specials and behind-the-scenes looks at history making moments are unsurpassed. Some of the most interesting originals are when they follow the wrestlers themselves for a few weeks time to get an insight into who they are. Be it genuine, scripted or a nice mix of both, these features are captivating.

When Dean Ambrose made his return to the WWE after recovery from injury and a subsequent severe staph infection, the Network was quick to air his edition of Chronicle. Shot documentary-style, cameras followed Ambrose around to get some insight into what makes “The Lunatic Fringe” tick. What we got was an impassioned Ambrose discussing his injury, the road to recovery, his subsequent return and his eventually turn on long-time friend Seth Rollins.

The cameras followed Ambrose around his hometown of Las Vegas and to different arenas throughout the country. At times, Ambrose chastised the producer for asking him repetitive questions and accused him of looking for prepared answers. Whether kayfabe or not this was Ambrose at his best, not putting on a false front for anyone and never, ever apologizing for who he is.