WWE NXT UK recap for April 24, 2019: Tales from Axxess, Pt. 2

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This episode started off with Kassius Ohno continuing his blood feud against the “fake British wrestlers” of NXT UK, by taking on Ligero. Ligero is touted for his ability and willingness to wrestle in 300 matches a year. Ohno scoffs at that, apparently still thinking the likes of Ligero have been handed everything in their careers, in the face of the evidence of all the work Ligero had to do just to get to NXT UK. They’re really both not that different, a couple of world travelers who have clawed for what they’ve been able to get in the wrestling world.

We’ve been ragging on Ohno and his character of what is more-or-less the pro wrestler equivalent of a dude on the internet who says “Oh, you like post-punk? Name three Wire albums that aren’t Pink Flag!” But, obviously (hopefully!) it is just a character, and Ohno is doing a really great job at portraying it. Love a good un-justifiably arrogant heel. The way he yelled “Did you have an accident!” at Ligero after Ligero smashed his own face into the steps was fantastic.

The size difference between these two plays a key component in this one, but ultimately it comes down to Ohno using his “wrestling genius” towards some devious tactics to get the win. After dominating much of the match early on — big chops, kicks to the head, knees to the head, doing everything to keep Ligero grounded — Ohno starts to lose the upper hand.

Ligero starts trying to chop Ohno down and succeeds with a series of kicks to various parts of his anatomy. He hits a top-rope splash for two and a Code Red for another two. Ohno rolls to the outside and Ligero hits him with a tope con hilo and then a Sliced Bread, utilizing the same steps that caused the aforementioned accident. This is what we call being on a roll.

Looking to finish Ohno off, Ligero goes for a step-through-the-ropes stunner. He gets caught however, and Ohno takes the occasion to mess with Ligero’s mask. Loosened enough that Ohno can turn it sideways, the mask completely impedes Ligero’s vision, giving Ohno the opening to hit a rolling elbow for the win. Who will be next on the Knockout Artist’s crusade against undeserving British wrestlers who have actually worked very hard to get where they are?  Well, Ohno seems to be on pretty much every episode in one form or another, so it probably won’t take long to find out.


A final aside: Ligero’s mask, how does he breathe in it?