Being the Elite recap for April 29, 2019: We’re not young like we used to be

Via Matt Jackson's(@mattjacksonyb) IG
Via Matt Jackson's(@mattjacksonyb) IG /

A weekly recap of the hit Youtube series Being the Elite, featuring the stars of AEW including the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Cody and others.

Being the Elite opens up this week with the Lucha Brothers cutting a promo in Spanish, but before it can get going they are interrupted by the return of Arthur and Trevor. Arthur immediately gives them grief for not cutting the promo in English. Trevor tries to defuse the situation but things go south in a hurry as they are kicked out of the locker room and sent packing as they cut to the 8-bit opening of the show.

After that, we are taken to the Young Bucks’ home, and Matt and Nick Jackson talk about how excited they are to be home for Easter for the first time in a long time. Matt notes that his daughter is seven years old and he’s never been home to celebrate Easter with her. Stuff like that really drives the point home just how much these professional wrestlers do for the fans day in and day out, that they can’t even be home to celebrate holidays with their family. It’s nice to see that they got to do it this year.

The Bucks talk about having set up an Easter egg hunt for all the kids and that instead of candy there is $500 combined inside all of the eggs. They have a cute little montage showing all the kids hunting for the eggs. It’s a heartwarming moment.

Next, we are taken to Peter Avalon and Leva Bates separately in different segments being greeted by fans who tell them that there are two Librarians, which catches both of them off guard. Apparently, neither of them watch Being the Elite. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this end up being a match between the two at Double or Nothing, with the winner being officially named the Librarian.

We go to Christopher Daniels who is without Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky this week but has replacements to help him do the SCU spiel, Penelope Ford and Kylie Rae. Unfortunately for Daniels, this doesn’t really work out as Rae doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and refuses to say an unkind word about where they are. Ford seems to have Daniels back at first, but then she says she can’t wait to get back to Philadelphia and Daniels loses it.

He explains that they are supposed to be putting over Southern California. But much to Daniels’ dismay both women start explaining why So Cal isn’t that great. Daniels ends up plugging his ears so he doesn’t have to hear either of them and exclaims how he can’t wait to get back to Southern California. It was a typically-funny SCU bit with a fresh twist on it involving some of the women of All Elite Wrestling.

After that, we are taken to a failed promo attempt by “Hangman” Adam Page talking about the Full Gear Challenge. He tries to start over and do it again but Nick just ends up pausing the footage he has been sent saying he can’t use it at all because it’s just terrible. Nick asks Matt if they have Page’s new address but Matt doesn’t respond. Poor Hangman.

We cut to the Jaguars training facility in Jacksonville, Florida with Brandi Rhodes, Cody and Page talking about it being the night of the NFL Draft, but also that their location is going to be where Fight for the Fallen takes place in July. In the background, Hangman is doing flips and push-ups and running up and down the field and Cody says he’s really fat. There’s not a lot to this segment overall. If we were to venture a guess it was just done to show off where they would be hosting Fight for the Fallen this summer.

We then go to Matt who is flipping out about all the outrageous things Kenny Omega is charging to the AEW credit card. This immediately cuts to Omega talking on the phone with Stephen Amell about booking an Arrow cast reunion on top of everything else he’s doing. Clearly, this is all going to be way too expensive, and eventually this is all going to catch up to the Best Bout Machine.

Afterward, they go back to the Young Bucks who go into Fit Body Boot Camp looking to get themselves in the best shape possible for Double or Nothing since they haven’t had a lot of ring time so far in 2019. They are greeted by Dustin Bogle, who owns the establishment, and he says he is going to help Matt and Nick get in the best shape possible for AEW Double or Nothing.

They then cut to a very long training montage for Matt and Nick showing them getting whipped back into shape to defend the AAA tag team titles against the Lucha Brothers in a few weeks’ time. In the end, they decide that they need to brush up on lucha libre and Matt and Nick do a bunch of spots right there in the gym until they decide they are ready for the match.

At the end of the show, the Young Bucks get a phone call from Trent Beretta of the Best Friends inquiring about what he and Chuck Taylor will be doing at Double or Nothing since it’s only a few weeks away and they haven’t been informed yet. The Bucks think fast and tell them that they will be in the pre-show battle royal. Beretta is clearly unhappy but says he’s excited about it.

Beretta hangs up and says he’s just happy to be there, but it’s clear that he’s not. He keeps repeating the match over and over again until he lights up a cigarette to calm down. The camera then cuts to Taylor, who says there is no way he’s doing the battle royal but that is followed up by a graphic that confirms both men will definitely be in the match, so it will be interesting to see how all that works out.

Next. Dean Ambrose is no more as Jon Moxley returns to pro wrestling. dark

That was it for this week’s edition of Being the Elite. Unfortunately, they didn’t follow up on the Marty Scurll tease from last week’s episode but hopefully, we will see more of that in time. As the Double or Nothing match card becomes clearer, how are you feeling about the show? Are you excited? Or do you feel like it needs just a bit more? Sound off in the comments section below.