WWE NXT UK Recap for May 8, 2019: Grizzled Young Champions

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The Nina Samuels Show

There’s no No. 1 contender match set for the women’s division, but that’s only because Nina Samuels has all but solidified herself as Toni Storm’s next challenger. Samuels continues her slow but inevitable climb up the ranks with an easy win over Kasey Owens. Owens never really stood a chance. Samuels is singularly focused on taking Storm’s title, and no one is going to stop her now.

She dominates Owens from the start, and gets the win after cartwheeling off the top rope and hitting a Ninagoroshi — which is just an ushigoroshi but done by Nina — for the win. Not exactly a very clever name for a finisher, especially when stacked up against the Joe Coffey’s of the world, but for a character as self-obsessed as Samuels, it works. The new season of The Nina Samuels Show is off to a good start.

You’ve probably heard of TV segments getting cut for time, but this match is over so fast that Samuels gets an in-ring interview added for time. In contrast to the last challenger, Nina Samuels actually does care about Storm, claiming to admire her and how hard she’s worked to reach the top. Don’t interpret this the wrong way though, it’s really a preamble for an “IMO the good person is actually bad” promo. Because soon thereafter, Samuels starts calling out Storm for that hard work, saying she abandoned both her single mother and younger sister to chase her dream of being in WWE.

It’s unknown whether or not Samuels has a strong connection with her family, but either way, all her patience and victorious ways look to have cleared a path towards her challenging Storm for the NXT UK Women’s Championship very soon.