The 25 best WWE NXT matches of all time

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19. Ricochet (NA-c) vs. Pete Dunne (UK-c) in a Champion vs. Champion match for both the NXT North American Championship and the WWE United Kingdom Championship

In a winner-takes-all match for the NXT North American Championship and the NXT UK Championship, it was bound to end in a no contest. But up until the point where the Undisputed Era interrupted the match, Ricochet and Pete Dunne had a historic bout that lived up to the hype.

For more than 20 minutes, the two performers laid it all on the line in an effort to become dual champion. In a surprise switch from his usual aerial attack, Ricochet showed his technical prowess as the match moved to the mat. The two went hold-for-hold until the pace begin to pick up.

Late in the match, with their energy already spent, Dunne countered a springboard 450 splash from Ricochet by catching him in a triangle hold which Ricochet reversed into a powerbomb. However Dunne hung on like a pitbull, cranking Ricochet’s fingers and arm into a keylock. Ricochet countered again, muscling up Dunne into a brainbuster. This type of back-and-forth offense had the crowd on its feet for the duration of the match.

With both men laid out in the middle of the ring, the Undisputed Era would attack only to be chased out by the War Raiders. This sets up for the epic WarGames match mentioned later in this list.