The Future of WWE: The top 25 superstars to come from NXT

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18. Sonya Deville

Where some Superstars have been brought up to the main roster only to be used wrong or poorly, there are some that are brought up and just have not yet been allowed to show what they are truly capable of inside the ring. The woman coming into our countdown at No. 18 fits the latter scenario. She is one half of Fire N’ Desire, Sonya Deville.

Deville, nor her tag team partner Mandy Rose, have really gotten a fair share of the spotlight in the WWE women’s division since being brought up for the black and gold brand to align themselves with Paige and form Absolution. Whatever might have been planned for that stable was unfortunately short-lived due to Paige’s career-ending neck injury.

Since then, the duo has been used sparingly on the main roster when it comes to important storylines. While Rose has gotten some shine in recent months ,her tag partner Deville quietly waits in the wings hoping her time will come to show the world what she can do.

We watched Deville at an NXT house show in a tag team with Rose face Asuka and Ruby Riott. The couple of minutes that Deville got alone in the ring with Asuka was pure magic. The two women gelled so well together it was a beautiful display of both women’s abilities. While the two have been paired up a time or two on the main roster, neither woman was really allowed to show the WWE Universe what they can do.

While we love the Becky Lynches and the Charlotte Flairs, there is a lot of undercard talent in the WWE women’s division waiting to prove themselves to the world that they will be a big deal within the future of the WWE for years to come. Deville is no exception.