Klay and Steph power the Warriors back and more highlights from Monday

NBA Finals madness, MLB players making stellar players and more as we curate the internet to bring you the top 8 highlights from Monday.

8. Ian Desmond blasts the baseball out to Wyoming

The Rookies Ian Desmond blast a homer 486 feet, the longest of any player this season. Desmond hit the ball so far that we heard a farmer in Wyoming caught the ball. That’s what we heard, anyway.

7. Kawhi is the man

When it seemed as if the Warriors were playing like the Warriors, Kawhi Leonard took over the game and put Canada on his back.

6. Sign this fan to a contract

Hey, Braves, you really need to sign this fan to a contract, ASAP.

5. Dallas ‘flippin’ Tessar

It takes great skill to catch a ball and hold on to it while you’re flying headfirst into the first row.

4. College record breaker

Say hello to LSU freshman Sha’Carri Richardson, who set a collegiate record for the women’s 100 meter race.


3. #Game6Klay

Klay Thompson had ice water in his veins. He was not going to let his Warriors go out in Toronto.

2. The Phillies announcers have had it with Phanatic

You can tell by the look on the Phillies announcers faces that they have had enough of the Phanatic shenanigans.

1. Stephen Curry says “See you in Oakland”

The Warriors could have easily packed it in. They could have called it a dynasty. They could have finalized their vacations plans. Stephen Curry, however, had plans of his own. His plan? To send this series back to The Town for Game 6.

Mission accomplished.