10 games that will shape the 2019 College Football Playoff picture

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COLLEGE STATION, TX – SEPTEMBER 08: Clemson Tigers wide receiver Tee Higgins (5) breaks free after his first-half pass reception to score a long first-half touchdown during the college football game between the Clemson Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies on September 8, 2018, at Kyle Field in College Station, Texas. (Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

These are the games college football fans need to circle on their calendar because they will determine who is in and out of the College Football Playoff.

The college football season is inching closer and closer, so it is time to start clearing your schedules on Saturday for the next three to four months. However, if you are for some reason a little more interested in actual life instead of watching football from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m., then maybe set time aside for a few big-time games. Particularly the ones that will have you in tune with what is going on when it’s time to discuss the all-mighty college football playoff.

Every year there are games throughout the year that end up having huge ramifications on the who makes the final cut — for example, 2018 games like Oklahoma vs. West Virginia, Michigan vs. Notre Dame, and Clemson vs. Texas A&M played a considerable role in the playoff landscape.

Serious programs want and need that signature win that lifts their resume in the eyes of the committee. This has led many teams to go out and schedule harder games which have been nothing but a positive for fans of the sport. Conference strength is also a significant factor as a few conferences have a larger margin for error, while others are not so lucky

2019 will be no different as there are plenty of matchups in and out of each conference that will shape the season. Conference championship games are always huge factors, but we have no way of knowing those matchups this far out. So instead we’ll be sticking to regular-season games that will play a significant factor when playoff selections are made on Dec. 8.

So here are ten games that could end up having the most significant impact on the college football playoffs this season.

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