No team should trade for Eli Manning, especially not the Jaguars or Steelers

Stacking The Box huddles up to talk about the biggest things we saw in Week 2 before looking ahead at what this NFL weekend will bring.

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Football is back, but with it has come the pain of watching some of the game’s best players go down with injuries. Week 2 ended up being a quarterback bloodletting, with Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, and Eli Manning all losing their starting jobs for one reason or another.

Manning lost his job due to performance, and now we will find out of starting Daniel Jones is the right call (0:55). In the meantime, trade rumors will swirl about whether Eli will be traded, especially since the Jaguars have a need for a quarterback and have been tied to Manning in the past (3:17). Speaking of teams that need a quarterback, Big Ben is out for the year, which means it’s time for Mason Rudolph to step up and try to lead the Steelers back from 0-2 and to the playoffs (6:46).

Other things the Stacking The Box crew discussed this week include:

  • Will Antonio Brown be on the Patriots roster in January? (22:15)
  • Cam Newton’s days in Carolina might be numbered (25:45)
  • Is Patrick Mahomes better this year than he was last year? (29:40)
  • Are the Cowboys the NFC’s best team? (32:26)
  • Which winless team has the best chance to make the playoffs? (35:08)

All this and more!

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