NXT UK recap, October 3: Shine bright like a wizard

Gallus head to the ring on the October 3, 2019 edition of WWE NXT UK. Photo: WWE.com
Gallus head to the ring on the October 3, 2019 edition of WWE NXT UK. Photo: WWE.com /
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Backstage interactions!

The thing with the previous match is that Wolfe was actually an injury replacement — as mandated by Wolfe himself — for Ilja Dragunov. Radzi is backstage getting an update on Ilja’s injury we are just finding out exists, when Dragunov emerges. Wearing a giant ice pack under his shirt, Dragunov looks about ready to explode due to fury overload from not being medically cleared.

Cue Wolfe, who strolls in to tell Dragunov not to worry, to take a rest while he competes instead. Wolfe says he likes Ilja and tells our combustible Russian friend to think about his future. Instead of heading out to the ring like an actual maniac, perhaps Ilja should stand in the ring and cross his arms behind his back while puffing his chest?

Ashton Smith gets interviewed, a silly prospect that Grizzled Young Veterans wall in and point out. Zack Gibson wonders if this is for one of those terrible podcasts that no one listens to. James Drake tries to start in, but Smith cuts him off asking at top volume to no one in particular if the typically tight-lipped Drake ever shuts up.

This of course annoys Gibson, who chastises Smith for trying to make jokes what with his abysmal win-loss record. Smith points out that GYV have lost their last two title matches, though not sure losing twice after being inaugural champions is as bad as being known as the guy who has never won.

Gibson gets going on his locker room leaders shtick until Smith points out what we knew all along: they’re leaders of no one because no one actually likes them. Seems like it will now be Grizzled Young Veterans against — the apparently lousy with friends — Ashton Smith and a partner of his choosing. As Drake says and — realizing he finally has a chance to speak — then repeats several times over, we’ll see what happens.

Last thing: WWE has been posting entrance videos on YouTube and WALTER’s is 11 minutes long? Good news if you’ve never heard the entire fourth movement of Dvořák’s 9th Symphony or enjoy videos that do little other than display “WALTER” on a screen for 11 minutes.

That will do it for this recap of the first Thursday NXT UK. Who would you like to see challenge Kay Lee Ray? Does Gallus spell the end of the dream title reign for Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster? Did YOU know Ilja Dragunov was hurt?

Let us know the answer to these questions and anything NXT UK-related down in the comments. And if you enjoyed anything you read here, give us a share on social media.

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