Hell in a Cell’s poor ending shouldn’t overshadow Lynch vs. Banks

Sasha Banks challenges Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship at WWE Hell in a Cell on October 6, 2019. Photo: WWE.com
Sasha Banks challenges Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship at WWE Hell in a Cell on October 6, 2019. Photo: WWE.com /

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch put on a clinic at Hell in a Cell but their work is being overlooked due to the poor booking of the main event.

If you’re not going on last you want to go on first. That’s been the consensus in the locker room for many years. Dolph Ziggler even mentioned it during the WWE Watch Along for Hell in a Cell. But while The Fiend versus Seth Rollins seemed like the obvious choice to close the show, knowing what we know now the women should’ve been the main event.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are two of the best in the business and when they’re paired together they make magic in the ring. Throwing them inside Hell in a Cell made for a display of storytelling, in-ring psychology and athleticism that easily won them match of the night and could very well lead to a Match of the Year nod.

The attention to detail and the small nuances that Banks brings to her matches are what makes her one of the best women’s wrestlers of all time. From holding down Lynch’s damaged arm during the cover to screaming in shock when Lynch kicks out, it’s all part of the ongoing story Banks is telling in the ring.

Just look to the start of the match and you’ll note a throwback to Banks’ first Hell in a Cell match against Charlotte Flair. During that match, Flair attacked Banks before the cell was completely lowered to gain the advantage. Recalling her experience, Banks would employ the same tactic against Lynch. It would’ve been even better if the commentary team pointed that out.

Lynch has a way of captivating the crowd. She puts full effort into each and every spot even when that spot causes her to give the sign of the cross over her chest because she knows she’s about to land hard on concrete.

Their very first encounter in NXT was a technical clinic and this time inside the Cell the creativity was off the charts. They provided unique use of the cage and the subsequent weapons pulled from under the ring.

Banks used a kendo stick to amplify her signature Banks Statement. Lynch designed a seat using kendo sticks before dropkicking Banks from the apron of the ring. There were multiple Meteora spots with each one causing a different degree of impact. The chain that locks the cage door came into play and a chair spot that was set up about 10 minutes earlier came back around as Banks bounced Lynch’s head off it. Those are the little things that move a match forward and keep the crowd invested. They were divided, as chants for both women rang out through the Golden 1 Center.

Lynch would walk away victorious which may or may not be a questionable outcome, but it didn’t matter because the match was so satisfying. Banks and Lynch opened the show the way you’re supposed to by getting the crowd to pop and delivering an entertaining match worthy of the weeks of build-up. Next time maybe the women should close the show.

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