FanDuel NBA breakdown Tuesday Oct. 22- Opening Night tip-off

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FanDuel NBA Breakdown Tuesday Oct. 22 – Opening Night tip-off

Welcome back to this edition of our FanDuel NBA Breakdown! This was an article created by ThunderDan last season, where he broke down each NBA main slate for FanDuel. It will encompass many different components, all of which is very helpful when building cash lineups, or GPP lineups. I will be splitting this article with him for this season, which I am very excited about.

The point of this article is to be used as a first look for your research, as it will be released very early in the day. We will have plenty of injury news to monitor, players resting, and all kinds of twists, and turns so these plays are not set in stone by any means. Still, you can use this as a gauge to get started on who might be a good play, and who might not be.

What we are looking for in players to target, are a few specific things. First, and most important in my opinion are players that are logging solid minutes. Preferably anything over 30 minutes is what I like from starters, and between 25-30 minutes out of anybody I would be playing off the bench. Of course this is not always the case, because some players can score a lot, but only play 20 minutes. The second thing I look for are players with a high usage rate. Anything in the 20-30% range is ideal, but even players in the 15-20% range that log heavy minutes are fine as well. The last thing I am focusing on are players who can hit the high point stats. Steals, blocks, and three pointers would be those stats.

For reference, I will primarily be using Basketball Monster which is an awesome site for various NBA tools, specifically usage rate, and I will also be using various tools from RotoGrinders such as CourtIQ, DVA match-up, point totals, basically anything that I find useful that will give me an edge. Lets get to it!