Full Gear title match can’t end without clear a winner and that’s a good thing

AEW Champion Chris Jericho at the Oct. 9, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite. Photo: Scott Lesh/AEW
AEW Champion Chris Jericho at the Oct. 9, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite. Photo: Scott Lesh/AEW /

Chris Jericho is defending his AEW World Championship against Cody at Full Gear on November 9. The match has a new tiebreaker stipulation.

AEW‘s next pay-per-view event has a big match: Chris Jericho is putting his championship on the line against Cody. This match is a such a big deal that AEW has added a new tiebreaker stipulation. If their match goes to a 60-minute draw, there will be a panel of three judges to vote on a winner. No Seth Rollins-The Fiend cage match ending here.

AEW issued a press release detailing the new stipulation which read, in part, :

"In the event there is no winner at the end of the 60-minute time limit, a panel of three esteemed judges, who will be seated at ringside, must vote for a winner. In the event there is not a unanimous choice, the majority decision will be the winner. This will ensure that a draw will not be the outcome of this World Championship title match.Chris Jericho was crowned the inaugural AEW World Champion by defeating Hangman Adam Page in a brutal, bloody match at All Out in August. Since then, Jericho has formed the nefarious “Inner Circle” with Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz to counter Cody and The Elite. At the AEW Dynamite show in Pittsburgh last week, a vicious brawl between the two powerhouse factions erupted when Cody punched through a glass door of a suite to get to the Inner Circle, which spun into an all-out melee on the crowded concourse at Petersen Events Center. The three judges will also ensure that the blatant assists Jericho has received thus far from The Inner Circle will not be tolerated during the title bout."

This added stipulation is a good thing. It guarantees a winner, no matter what — “Le Champion” retains or Cody becomes AEW’s second World Champion, no ifs, ands or buts about it. After Jon Moxley vs. PAC ended in a draw on the Oct. 23 episode of Dynamite due to reaching the TV time limit, it’s wise of AEW to not let time limit draws become the norm. This match is too important to have it end in any other way.

The Inner Circle can’t effect the outcome. Assuming they aren’t flat out banned from the building, they can’t help “Le Champion” retain his title. This also means that Brandi, The Elite, MJF or Dustin Rhodes can’t help Cody either. For a match of this caliber, this is the way it should be. There should be a clear winner without interference.

A tiebreaker stipulation pretty much guarantees this match goes 60 minutes. Why else would the stipulation specify an hour length? Cody versus Jericho won’t technically be an Iron Man match if it goes the full hour, but the two veterans going Broadway would certainly be an added bonus.

The stipulation also adds something fun to the match, making it not just a routine title match. Three judges will likely determine our winner. It’ll be interesting to see who will make up the panel of esteemed judges. Will it the judges will have relationships with the wrestlers like DDP or Arn Anderson or be considered completely neutral?

What do you think of the stipulation? Who do you think will make up the judging panel? Who do you think will win the match? Let us know in the comments below.

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