The top 30 horror gimmicks in pro wrestling history

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10. Sting

The man called Sting has a dark side that was on full display during the latter half of his WCW run.

Sting debuted in 1985 in a tag team with The Ultimate Warrior known as The Bladerunners. In 1987, Sting made his debut in WCW where he went on to become the face of the company up until Hulk Hogan’s arrival in the promotion.

Hogan and his heel factio, the nWo ran through the entire roster of WCW and Sting had to switch up his persona to the silent-but-deadly Crow-inspired Sting.

Sting would wear a long black trench coat, carried a black baseball bat and painted his face black and white. The arrival of Sting to the arena would sometimes be foretold by the sight of a crow in the building and many times Sting would surprise his opponents by descending from the ceiling on a bungee cable.

Sting also appeared in TNA for many years after the fall of WCW. Sting continued to portray his Crow character but also delved into a mad Joker-esque version of his persona for a brief period of time.

9. Leatherface

The Japanese Chainsaw Massacre.

Leatherface, also known as Corporal Kirchner, first gained notoriety when he portrayed a soldier character in WWF where he feuded with Nikolai Volkoff in 1986. Kirchner left the WWF in 1987 and went to Japan where he made a career out of wrestling as a knockoff version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre villain Leatherface.

Wrestling for WING and FMW, Leatherface came out to the ring waving a chainsaw around as fans scattered in a mass exodus. Leatherface was jailed for a brief time due to an incident with a fan and the Leatherface character was given to another wrestler. The original Leatherface returned, though, and formed a tag team with his newer counterpart to form the horrifying tag team The Leatherfaces.

Leatherface was infamous for his temper and nasty in-ring style as the man underneath the mask of leather was as scary an opponent as the mask made him look to be.