The top 30 horror gimmicks in pro wrestling history

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8. Abdullah The Butcher

One of the most haunting figures and most influential hardcore wrestlers in history, Abdullah The Butcher is a retired Canadian wrestler who made his name as one of the early pioneers of hardcore matches and had a long catalog of bloody brawls with the likes of Bruiser Brody and Terry Funk.

Abdullah’s gimmick was a non-English speaking Arabian monster who used weapons like forks and chairs mercilessly to destroy and cripple his opponents.

Abdullah’s forehead was a major component in his horrific appearance as the years of blading had left his forehead emblazoned with deep scars, that Mick Foley famously said were deep enough to hold a poker chip in place.

Abdullah’s reign of terror lasted 44 years and spanned across countries like Japan, Puerto Rico, New Zealand and many others.

7. Sycho Sid

The man known as “Sycho” and “Vicious, “Sycho Sid made his name in WCW and WWF over the course of 1989 to 2001. Sid debuted in WCW where he quickly formed the tag team The Skyscrapers with Danny Spivey and later joined The Four Horsemen.

Sid made his WWF debut in 1991 where he would go onto become a two-time WWF Heavyweight Champion before returning to WCW in 1999.

Sid’s signature music, horrifying facial expressions and scary voice made him a hell of a sight for many fans to see and engage with over the course of his career.