The top 30 horror gimmicks in pro wrestling history

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28. Joe Gacy

Speaking of former CZW Champions.

“The Chainsaw” Joe Gacy was basically the CZW equivalent of The Joker. Gacy established an army of masked figures under the name F.E.A.R. Dan Barry, Blackwater and Alex Reynolds were some of the bigger names that found themselves in the group.

Gacy felt betrayed by the company he had given his life for and he wanted to destroy CZW in a warped sense of revenge. Gacy used mic tricks, distractions and manipulations to screw with CZW management and the rest of the roster. Gacy even attempted to break down and corrupt one of CZW’s hottest young babyfaces, Kit Osbourne, not unlike how The Joker corrupts Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight.

Gacy won the CZW Title but lost it on the same night to Rickey Shane Page who found a way to outsmart the evil genius.

Gacy was never able to ” burn the company down” like he wanted to but his sick and twisted attempts make him a prime candidate for this list.

27. G-Raver

The tattooed maniac who haunts the dream of many an indie wrestling fan, G-Raver is a 12-year veteran from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who moonlights as a pro wrestler and works as a tattoo artist by day.

G-Raver has said wrestling is a highly artistic venture for him and you can see that shine through with his ring attire, move-set and choice of weapons. G-Raver usually comes out to the ring wearing a mask that looks like a cross between a skull and the head of a baby doll with its jaw broken. If that’s not horrifying enough, G-Raver has a weapon he employs in his matches that leaves fans reaching for the barf bags, and that is a bundle of tattoo needles. He uses the needles to pierce his opponents’ heads and arms in horrific ways.

G-Raver is known for high-risk dives, use of deathmatch weapons, and a reckless style that makes him a man that many wrestlers fear to get in the ring with.