The top 30 horror gimmicks in pro wrestling history

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18. Abyss

The demonic son of Father James Mitchell and TNA’s answer to The Brothers of Destruction scares his way on to this list at number 18.

Abyss made his debut for TNA back in 2002 and ran rampant in the company up until 2019. Abyss was known for his trademark mask, his spiked 2×4 and his impressive size and stature as many opponents were intimidated and outwrestled by the big man.

Abyss’s manager, James Mitchell, helped the monster focus his rage towards his opponents but also feuded with him over the years they were both in TNA. Abyss also had high-profile feuds with the likes of Judas Messias, Kurt Angle, Sting and Christian Cage.

Abyss removed his mask on several occasions to wrestle as his alternate personality, Joseph Park, but fans will always remember the man behind the mask for his time as Abyss.

17. Killer Kross

“The White Rabbit” may have a cute ring to it but the man behind the nickname is an absolute madman.

Kross first gained notoriety in AAA when he debuted to assist Johnny Mundo. Later joining the heel stable MAD, Kross gained attention for his violent nature and his intimidating mannerisms.

Kross continued to gain attention when he debuted for IMPACT Wrestling after attacking wrestlers and leaving ominous red cards on his victims. Kross eventually teamed up with Austin Aries as his hired muscle until Aries left the company after his match with Johnny Impact. Kross is now in an estranged relationship with IMPACT due to disputes over the booking of his First Blood Match against Eddie Edwards.

Kross also brought his brand of madness to Lucha Underground where he joined The Rabbit Tribe and “murdered” several wrestlers on the roster. Kross’ finisher in the company was a Mandible Claw that drew blood from his opponents mouth in a horrifying sight.

Kross is a master of violence and intimidation and his future in the wrestling business looks quite bright.