WWE NXT UK preview: Oct. 31, 2019

Dave Mastiff faces Jordan Devlin on the Oct. 31, 2019 edition of NXT UK. Photo: WWE.com
Dave Mastiff faces Jordan Devlin on the Oct. 31, 2019 edition of NXT UK. Photo: WWE.com /

Previewing the Oct. 31, 2019 edition of NXT UK, featuring a potentially high stakes match between Jordan Devlin and Dave Mastiff.

On a very spoooky edition of NXT UK, Jordan Devlin is set to step into the ring with Dave Mastiff. Actually, there’s no indication that this episode will be any bit “spoooky,” despite falling on Halloween. But alas, life goes on with, again, Jordan Devlin versus Dave Mastiff.

Ostensibly, these two are battling over the distinction of who is the best wrestler on the brand. Keep in mind though, being “best” has no quantifiable stakes at this juncture, as neither of them necessarily gets anything by winning. Also, WALTER is still going to be champion no matter who wins, so.

Regardless, it should be fun to see these two go at it, for they are both top tier talents in NXT UK. And, unlike how your usual “one guy big, one guy small” match is usually set up, there’s no real underdog here. Jordan Devlin is a very small boy compared to Mastiff sure, but it doesn’t feel like he has any less chance of winning this thing.

The Irish Ace considers himself something of an uncrowned champion. He doesn’t just have a chip on his shoulder, he’s got a whole damn package of Taytos on there. Don’t call him arrogant though. As he proclaimed, it’s literally impossible for him to be arrogant — having an exaggerated sense of one’s importance — because he already knows he’s a star.

It was teased during his and Mastiff’s confrontation a couple weeks ago, but it’s very conceivable the match will end with the superhuman feat of strength that would be Devlin hitting his Devlin-side suplex on Mastiff. That’s how much cocky confidence he exudes.

On the other side of things, Mastiff is a human wrecking ball incapable of being stopped by the laws of physics. Mastiff hasn’t had that big signature win yet, but has looked great in just about every match he’s been in, including that Last Man Standing loss and the No. 1 Contender four-way from a while back. Though Devlin is arguably a step above him right now, it isn’t hard to picture Mastiff using his raw power to overcome any crafty Devlin offense en route to a huge win.

How to watch

Date: Thursday, Oct. 31

Time: 11:00 am ET

Live stream: WWE Network

With Pete Dunne off getting low-blowed by Punishment Martinez, and Tyler Bate both punching Cameron Grimes and shilling for A-Kid — also set to appear on this episode! — a spot near the top of the NXT UK card is ripe for the taking.

But who will snatch that spot, Jordan Devlin or Dave Mastiff? Invite Dracula and The Wolf Man over for breakfast and find out by watching today’s NXT UK!

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