Mitchell Trubisky is the biggest Chicago disaster since 1871

Mitchell Trubisky is an unmitigated disaster for the Chicago Bears. He’s the worst thing to happen to the city since 1871. Chicago is on fire with rage.

In a season with lofty expectations, the Chicago Bears have become a blistering dumpster fire because of one man: starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

No longer can head coach Matt Nagy put lipstick on Ryan Pace’s pig because it’s not fooling anyone any longer. Like Roger Daltrey, we won’t get fooled again. So who are you, Trubisky, behind those sad blue brown eyes of yours?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing the worst thing to happen to Chicago since 1871. This is blazing out of control. Pace passed on Clemson’s Michael Jordan for someone he thought was more important than Michael Jordan. The Carolina Blue must have clouded his vision because this Chapel Hill product is about to get benched like Andy Dalton.

When you average fewer yards per attempt than your wingspan in the first half (1.8), you’re either quarterbacking at a collegiate service academy, running the triple option or you’re the biggest first-round quarterback bust since Paxton Lynch. It’s not winning football at the professional level. It’s just sad.

So what we’re seeing isn’t working. We have to wonder what Pace sees in Trubisky. I can’t explain. I think it’s quarterback love. He’ll try to say it to you, Chicago, but you’re too blue about the sad state of your professional football team.

Trubisky just gave the Philadelphia Eagles a false sense of hope that they’re actually a good football team. Sadly, they are not, as losing to the Atlanta Falcons tells you everything you need to know about The Birds this season. Philadelphia just improved to 5-4 after another poor performance from Trubisky, winning 22-14 over the Bears.

So what’s next for the Bears? Better yet, who’s next? It’s been a terrible year three for Trubisky, as he looks more like a clipboard holder by the second. He’s surely a great guy, but great guys don’t win football games. Great quarterbacks do and he’s not ever going to be one of them. The Bears could trade for a guy…oh, wait. Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes say hello.

Trubisky’s final stat line for his latest example of why he’s not an NFL starting quarterback was 10-of-21 for 125 yards, 6.0 yards per attempt, no touchdowns and no interceptions. So we saw a sub-.500 completion percentage and only 10 completed passes. If you want to go 3-5 and out of the NFC North race entirely, this is how you do it.

Chicago is about to lose its collective mind.

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