Eagles defense could be key to helping you win fantasy football playoffs


If you’re looking for a team defense that can help you come playoff time in fantasy football, the Philadelphia Eagles should be able to help you out there.

When it comes to playoff time, you will take points any time you can get them. It doesn’t matter if it’s your quarterback, your running back or your wide receiver who gets it done for you, as long as you win. Winning is all that matters because bragging rights and financial compensation, either or, are just fantastic. Heck, you can even win with defense in fantasy football.

With so many teams being on bye this week (six), it might be wise to peruse the waiver wire to see if somebody accidentally drops a good defense or something. One defense that could help you win your fantasy football league is the Philadelphia Eagles.

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The Fantasy Footballers look at matchups for Weeks 14, 15 and 16 and see where you can win with defense. Philadelphia has the New York Giants at home in Week 14 and on the road against the Washington Redskins in Week 15. They should beat both teams, while getting the Dallas Cowboys at home in Week 16 is tough, you’ve got two pretty favorable matchups before that.

If you factor in the Eagles’ Week 13 game, you have an outstanding three-game stretch for potential defensive dominance in the form of the Miami Dolphins on the road, at home vs. the Giants and on the road vs. the Redskins. You’re not going to find a better three-game stretch towards the end of the year regarding defensive matchups.

The Eagles do have a very navigable December slate, as they also get the Giants on the road in Week 17. If they can beat the Cowboys at home, there is a great chance that the Eagles could finish the year on a five-game winning streak. That might be a strong enough of a finish to help them reach the NFC playoffs for the third straight season.

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At the end of the day, you’re probably going to win with defense in fantasy as a tertiary method. You’re better served hoping your quarterback, running backs or wide receivers get it done for you. However, defense is one of nine positions you have to fill each week. If the Eagles are available now, it might be wise of you to grab them off the waiver wire before it’s too late.