NFL coverage map 2019: TV schedule Week 11

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Week 11 of the 2019 NFL season will feature a trio of big games for Super Bowl contenders in the AFC as the playoff races begin to take shape.

After picking up a massive win over the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football in Week 9, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson bolstered his MVP candidacy by putting together another perfect QB Rating in a 49-13 win over the lowly Cincinnati Bengals.

However, Russell Wilson also added a marquee victory to his MVP resume, leading his Seattle Seahawks to a last-gasp overtime win on Monday Night Football against another previously undefeated rival in the San Francisco 49ers.

Will the 49ers and Patriots bounce back in Week 11? And can Jackson and Wilson dazzle NFL audiences for yet another week?

Here are the full coverage maps for this week’s slate of games.

Thursday Night Football (FOX/NFL Network): Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

When Ben Roethlisberger went down with a season-ending injury, few could have foreseen the Steelers and Browns being in their current situations at this point in the season. While Baker Mayfield and the Browns are one of the NFL’s biggest disappointments, the Steelers are legitimate playoff contenders with interception-machine Minkah Fitzpatrick serving as the catalyst.

CBS Early

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Red: Baltimore Ravens vs. Houston Texans

Blue: Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos

Yellow: Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills

Green: Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

With all due respect to the AFC South rivalry game between the Colts and Jaguars, who are both still very much in the playoff race, Ravens vs. Texans is by far the best game of this group. It is probably the most intriguing matchup of the week, since it pits two of the AFC’s top four teams against each other with prime MVP candidates quarterbacking both teams.

It’s really too bad so much of the country will be forced to watch the Vikings and Broncos instead of the must-see matchup between Houston and Baltimore.

CBS Late

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Red: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

Blue: Oakland Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Raiders fans are too loyal to do this (and also their team is actually in contention this season), but Bengals fans should petition to watch the Patriots vs. Eagles instead. Cincinnati is competing for the No. 1 pick, whereas the Patriots are looking to prove to the NFL world that their primetime loss to the Ravens was a fluke. Since the Eagles have a Super Bowl win over the Pats and are even hungrier to prove they belong among the NFC’s playoff contenders, this will be another can’t-miss game on Sunday.


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Red: Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys

Orange: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints

Green: Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Yellow: Washington Redskins vs. New York Jets

Blue (LATE): San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Detroit vs. Dallas is by far the best game in the early slate, but that’s assuming Matthew Stafford returns to the lineup. If not, hopefully you’ll get to wait a few hours and catch some of the late game, because Kyler Murray came oh-so-close to handing the 49ers their first loss in primetime before Russell Wilson pulled off the feat in Week 10.

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Sunday Night Football (NBC): Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears

Jared Goff is “less bad” than Mitch Trubisky, and that’s honestly what this game will come down to.

Monday Night Football (ESPN): Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

This rivalry game in Mexico was supposed to be appointment television, but the Chargers have slumped so badly this season that all bets are off. If the Chiefs don’t win this game handily, they should be concerned with what would be a 6-5 record.