Fantasy Football: No more trade vetoes!


Vetoing trades in fantasy football have been a thing for a long time, but they need to stop. Here is why trade vetoes ruin fantasy football leagues.

Trades happen in fantasy football all the time. You need a running back so badly, but you’re stocked at wide receiver. You orchestrate a deal with one of your buddies that helps both of your teams out. And you think all would be right in the world. Think again. Some of your other friends decide that they don’t want to see you guys succeed, so they veto the deal. Vetoes are terrible.

The Fantasy Footballers think that vetoing trades is archaic and so 2010. Two people should be able to trade with each other as often as possible if they feel like it. Some people never trade, and that’s cool, too. But negating a trade as a third-party in a league just because you can makes you look like a total jerk in 2019. So stop it!

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The veto should exist today for one reason and one reason only: to offset something that is so egregious that it would ruin the sanctity of your holiest of fantasy football leagues. Basically, trading away your best player for a guy that hasn’t played football since the Barack Obama Administration is stupid and needs to be rectified by all involved.

Other than that, it is collusion and against everything that America stands for. Do you not like America or something? Brave men and women didn’t risk their lives for this country so that you can be a complete jerk and veto a trade between two of your friends in fantasy football because you feel like it. You’re not five, you’re an adult, so grow and let this deal happen, you coward.

Could you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? Like, you had a sweet deal lined up with a buddy of yours. It makes your team better and his team better, but your team is still so much better than his team because you’re better than him at everything. But you have to be willing to make deals to the best fantasy player in your league.

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And then some guy who wasn’t even involved in the trade process decides to inject himself into your cool deal and ruin it for you because he felt like it. So let’s just not veto trades anymore and beat the snot out of your fantasy opponent in more conventional, non-colluding ways.