CM Punk should have one more match in WWE

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With CM Punk reportedly signing a deal with FOX to be an analyst for WWE Backstage, will the former world champion have one more match with the company he once departed in controversial fashion?

Many among the wrestling world anticipated for former WWE star CM Punk to potentially make a return to professional wrestling, whether it’d be for WWE or AEW. As it’s reported that he’s signed to an exclusive deal with the FOX network and is now being featured on WWE programming as an analyst for their FS1 show, some feel that his return to WWE TV was underwhelming to say the least. Considering the way he departed from WWE back in 2014 in controversial fashion, some still argue that a potential match WWE would generate big business for the company. Despite being gone for almost six years, CM Punk is still one of the most talked-about figures in professional wrestling, clearly a lot of interest continues for the straight-edge former wrestler.

Punk, despite being gone for so long from wrestling and having an unsuccessful tenure in professional MMA, should absolutely finish off his wrestling career on a high note. This doesn’t mean Punk has to wrestle for WWE on a full-time basis, but having one more match with the right opponent is the perfect scenario to ride his career off into the sunset. And although Punk himself recently stated on an episode of WWE Backstage that he isn’t pursuing a comeback to wrestling, who’s to say that the possibility of him returning for one more match isn’t a possibility down the line.

It’s no secret that WWE and Punk haven’t been on the best of terms over the past years, however if the company offers him a lucrative deal to wrestle one more match, then there’s nothing wrong with doing business despite some people slandering him as a sell-out. Punk simply left wrestling for the sake of his health and well-being, while criticizing the WWE’s handling of certain situations. How can one assert that he’s a sell-out for conducting business with the same company if things are in a completely different scenario?

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