NBA Thanksgiving 2019: What each team has to be thankful for

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New York Knicks

David Fizdale will probably be gone soon

Did the New York Knicks put their head coach in a position to succeed? Hell no. They whiffed on all the big fish that were supposed to make the Kristaps Porzingis trade worth it, they wound up kidnapping half the league’s power forwards for ransom and they held a public press conference essentially throwing David Fizdale under the bus after a disappointing start.

With that being said, the sins of the front office don’t completely absolve Fizdale of blame, especially when he’s done such a poor job managing his rotations. This is not just an issue for 2019-20 either, as it’s been glaringly obvious to those paying attention since last year.

At this rate, Fizdale won’t make it to the trade deadline. This situation isn’t going to magically get better under the public microscope; it’s only going to get worse, and at that point, a firing is inevitable. That’s probably for the best for Fizdale, the Knicks and whoever is hired to replace him.