The Bunny/The Blade/The Butcher has potential

via Allie (@allieimpact) on Instagram
via Allie (@allieimpact) on Instagram /

The newest stable to arrive in AEW got off to a rough start but the dark and bloodthirsty unit has an immense amount of potential.

Allie came into AEW with some fanfare as one of the first signees to the women’s division and was immediately thrust into a feud with AEW Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes, which she subsequently lost. There was a bit of fire behind this feud but after the match at Fight For The Fallen, Brandi moved on from Allie. After that Allie floated around the division, making appearances here and there but having no direction whatsoever.

The Butcher and The Blade are not an unfamiliar name to the observant independent wrestling fan. The powerhouse tag team has made waves in companies like Beyond Wrestling and Bar Wrestling as the two men have established themselves as a serious team to go against.

The Blade, formerly known as Pepper Parks and Braxton Sutter, is a 19 year veteran of the business and has made his name appearing for companies like Impact and CZW. The Blade is one of the most consistent and solid workers in the industry and with The Butcher by his side he looks to be unstoppable.

The Butcher, the guitarist for the metal band Every Time I Die, Andy Williams, is a relatively new wrestler when compared to The Blade but Williams has taken to wrestling like a fish to water. Williams has established himself as a serious powerhouse which compliments The Blade’s tactical style well.

The unit is a three pronged attack that can employ beauty and savagery, technical expertise, and massive power.

MJF has now come forward and admitted he employed the unit to attack Cody so fans can now deduce that The Butcher/The Blade/The Bunny are a freelancer bounty hunter style of group which we haven’t seen in mainstream wrestling in quite some time.

There is so much potential in this group due to all three members having such defined dark characters and a pension to enact violence on whoever their funders pay them to attack. Allie now has a direction and AEW has gained another solid heel tag team to add to their growing tag team division.