AEW Power Rankings: Week of January 8, 2020

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Chris Jericho AEW

Chris Jericho (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for WarnerMedia Company)

This week’s AEW Power Rankings feature champions on top and a closer look at who is on the rise in the men’s, women’s and tag team divisions.

AEW Dark returned this week with two matches. On Dynamite, Jon Moxley gave the Inner Circle his response, the AEW Women’s Championship was on the line and the Nightmare Collective revealed a new member. With that in mind, here are AEW Power Rankings for the week of Jan. 8.

Men’s Division

No. 1 — Chris Jericho (last week: 1)

“Le Champion” had been trying to persuade Jon Moxley to join his Inner Circle for weeks. In the closing segment of Dynamite, Jericho was flanked by Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager. Moxley wasted no time giving his answer, a surprising “yes.” Or was it? The show ended with Mox throwing Jericho’s own bottle of bubbly at his head and challenging him for his title.

No. 2 — Jon Moxley (last week: 2)

As you have read from above, Moxley swerved the Inner Circle by initially accepting Jericho’s offer to join them, only to turn on them all. Moxley ripped off his shirt, threw champagne at “Le Champion’s” head, challenged Jericho and took the keys to the car that Jericho gifted him.

No. 3 —  Sammy Guevara (last week: 4)

The “Spanish God” faced Christopher Daniels after taunting him last week. Guevara took advantage of the ref and punched his opponent. Guevara also took advantage of Pentagon Jr. coming out to distract Daniels to get his second win of the year.

No. 4— MJF (last week: 5)

MJF had a live mic for the second week in a row. He gave Cody a chance to come to the ring, but got DDP instead. While DDP was on the mic, MJF was tweeting and scrolling his phone. MJF got in a few good lines on DDP before having his friends, The Butcher & The Blade, attack him. MJF left without getting caught up in the melee.

No. 5— Christopher Daniels (last week: ranked with tag teams)

Daniels has been battling the yips ever since his botched move in a match last year. It even became a joke on Being the Elite. He started off his match against Guevara with a lot of offense. He appeared to be closing in on a win when Pentagon distracted him. He couldn’t pull off the Arabian Moonsault once again.

After his loss, Dark Order attempted to recruit him. The fans chanted “SCU” and he threw the mask back at them. While fighting with the rest of Dark Order alongside of SCU and the Young Bucks, Daniels was finally able to hit the Arabian Moonsault.

No. 6 — PAC (last week: 9)

PAC continued to taunt Kenny Omega by attacking Michael Nakazawa. He did so again after Omega’s opening tag team match, leaving him no chance to celebrate and trying to save his friend once again. PAC said this will continue to happen until he gets his rematch.

No. 7 — DDP (last week: unranked)

DDP came out in defense of Cody against MJF to a loud crowd reaction. A few weeks ago, DDP nearly came to blows with MJF. On Dynamite, it seemed like it might be a possibility. Unfortunately  for Diamond Dallas Page, he ended up being attacked by The Butcher and The Blade. However, he’ll have his first match in AEW when he teams up with Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall against MJF, The Butcher and The Blade.

No. 8 — Luther (last week: unranked)

Japanese Death Match legend Luther was revealed to be the member of the Nightmare Collective that was shown in a vignette several weeks ago. He came out from under the ring during the women’s title match and attempted to distract them. RIHO jumped on him instead of her opponent as the Nightmare Collective had directed.

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