The Chiefs’ offense destroyed the Texans in epic fashion

The Kansas City Chiefs’ offense struggled at first, but ultimately steam-rolled the Houston Texans in their Divisional Round matchup.

The game did not start off well for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Houston Texans managed to score 14 points in the first five minutes thanks to a big play from their offense on the opening drive and a blocked punt that resulted in a touchdown. Early in the second quarter, they were down 24-0.

The offense wasn’t clicking. The Chiefs’ possessions were filled with dropped passes and missed opportunities.

In the end, none of it mattered.

The Chiefs may have arrived late, but they turned it on in the second quarter and steam-rolled the Texans’ defense. After going down 24-0 at the beginning of the second quarter, they went to halftime with a 28-24 lead. It started with a 17-yard touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes to running back Damien Williams. Then, the Texans faked a punt in their own territory and failed to get a first down. Shortly after that, Mahomes threw a pass to Travis Kelce to cut the Texans lead to 10.

This happened again and again. Mahomes ultimately threw for 324 and five touchdown passes, including three to Kelce during the 51-31 win. Williams added two more rushing touchdowns. The Chiefs offense had seven consecutive possessions ending in a touchdown, a streak that started in the second quarter and didn’t end until early in the fourth quarter.

After such a strong start, the Texans were drowning. Their defense couldn’t catch a break.

Kansas City now hosts the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship. The Titans defense has already shut down offenses led by Lamar Jackson and Tom Brady this postseason.

Will they add Mahomes to that list? Or will Kansas City’s crazy offense carry them all the way to the Super Bowl?

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